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Lost Child

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Gamina, May 11, 2011.

  1. Gamina

    Gamina New commenter

    I have my PPA on a Wednesday afternoon and I am covered by my TA and another member of staff. My class is a slightly rocky little bunch, lovable enough but they need real structure and clear expectations. This afternoon I popped back into the class at 3.25pm to make sure some trip letter were handed out before home time at 3.30. I had carried various folders and sheets into the class and the teacher and TA were getting ready to dismiss the children. I began to lay out some worksheets as the other staff dealt with the children. We dismiss the children to their parents directly from the classroom, through a door and onto the playground. There were 3-4 children left on the carpet when one of the mums came up to ask for her son. At this point I was close to the door, my TA was outside talking to a parent and the cover teacher was on the carpet with the children.... the boy in question appeared to have walked out of the door without being noticed. I was in complete panic but he turned up on the playground however I can tell there will be complaints made (and I fully understand why). I am a little unhappy that I was not actually teaching the children or dismissing them I had just come into the classroom whilst doing PPA chores to be confronted with this. Has anyone else had similar experience with anything like this?
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    What year group are your children? How do you know there will be complaints? You weren't there, it was nothing to do with you, so you don't need to worry and cannot be held responsible.

    These things happen, stop fretting.

    The staff concerned might get a bit of a serious reminder from the HT, but that should be all.
  3. Gamina

    Gamina New commenter

    Year one. I was not teaching the class but I was in the classroom when this was going on. Being on PPA with two other members of staff leading the children I (maybe stupidly) assumed they had it under control and were watching and caring for the children.
    I assume there will be a complaint as the family involved have a history of complaining over the most minor things, for example a scratch knee obtained in the playground, that sort of thing....
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    LOL If they are used to complaining, then the school are used to dealing with them. Worry not. We have several similar parents.

    Of course you should assume they have things under control. I assume you have had PPA every week since Sept. so this is hardly them not understanding. Stop being so hard on them, children do sneak off sometimes.

    all you really need to do is let the HT know in the morning to pre-empt any complaints and speak to your class sternly about not leaving the classroom until a parent is there and a teacher/TA says so.

    Really isn't a terrible thing.
  5. Gamina

    Gamina New commenter

    I made my line manager who is the deputy head aware that evening as the HT was in meetings and couldn't be contacted. I know the deputy will inform the HT if she feels its needed.
  6. I've had exactly the same thing (also year 1) except I was in charge at the time. Little devil left the classroom, and wandered up the road on his own. Mum (quite rightly) went mad!!!
    I changed the way I did things (stood by door to call out names rather than from inside the classroom), apologised profusely and crossed my fingers that the little devil hadn't come to harm. It was a wake up call.
    I also gave the whole class a rocket about never ever EVER leaving the class unless they'd been told.
    In your case you weren't there, and I'm sure all will be well. As someone said, these things happen. Make that clear but learn from it.
  7. And stop worrying. It wasn't your fault. Make that clear as someone else said first thing.
  8. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Whilst I agree OP is not at fault here, I am quite surprised at some of the casual reponses to this situation.
    When all said and done, a 5/6 year old child was able to leave their classroom, manned by 2 adults, without it being noticed.
    This time, the child was found in the playground, but a different child may have panicked, left the playground and ended up anywhere.
    Imho, this counts as a "near miss" and all dismissal procedures in the whole school should be reviewed. I think the parents are quite justified to complain about this and in my experience, "small" incidents like this can easily unsettle the whole school- especially if a small school-as it sows a seed of doubt that children may not be as safe as parents assume, whilst they are at school.
    Put yourself in that mother's shoes when she asked for her son and he no-one knew where he was.
  9. Sorry was skimming quotes earlier and read this as a year 5/6 child - different for them than an aged 5/6 child!
  10. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Gracious of you to say so, thanks.
  11. I think it's awful and I would be furious with the TA and the other adult for being so negligent when in charge of my class, and in the case of the mother, my SON. Yes, the parents should complain and those adults should be told off/ trained as to how to better dismiss your class. We all know parents who complain for no reason, but I for one would take this very seriously indeed. The child could have gone off with anyone or got out onto the road.
    I also agree that some of the replies are too flippant. Just imagining if it were my daughter who had wondered out of the room with no adult knowing.

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