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loss of TLR when moved to UPS

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Splatsplat, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. I have worked in my current school for over 8 years and co-ordinate 3 subjects, one of which is a core subject. When I went through the threshold I was told by the head that my TLR would be removed as I was now on the Upper Pay Scale. Is this right????
  2. No. Rubbish.
    As long as you are still being held accountable for those subjects, you should be receiving your TLR on top of whatever paypoint you are on.
    If he's taking your TLR away, it also means you are no longer accountable for any of subjects - the head is. You need to discuss this with your head, and if they are not backing down, your union.
    I fear that they may say that he is within his right to take away your TLR - As far as Im aware that is a school decision - however, as I said above, you shouldn't be expected to have as much responsibility as before and any backlash from Ofsted etc will be the heads responsibility now.

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