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looping programme suggestions for GCSE use

Discussion in 'Music' started by TheMusicTechGuru, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Magix Music Maker.
  2. i the t

    i the t New commenter

    looping breakbeats is fundamental to hip-hop which is studied in aqa gcse.
    But they should be sampling and creating the loops themselves not getting them pre-made and ready to drag and drop.
    With my group we use Cubase and recreate the process originally done with 2 turntables and records, then later with samplers and sequencers.
    For this, you want to get/download the "Ultimate Breaks and Beats" collection which is about 24 albums worth of 60's and 70's funk/rare groove/rock tracks that all feature a drum break somewhere in the record. From this, they extract/sample the break from the track (2-8 bars worth) and truncate it. Then identify it's tempo by laying it out in cubase and once it's playing in sync with the metronome then copy it across the song as a loop.
    This method requires dilligence and exactment for it to be successful and is representative of the original form of looping realised through hip-hop.
    That said though, Fruity loops does not rely on pre-made loops. You do get some that come with the software but you can also create your own loops (drums, basslines, riffs etc). Are you sure the students are using downloaded loop cause most students of mine who use FL create their own which is fine as far as exams go.

  3. I've been using Cockos Reaper at KS4. It's more technical than something like Magix, but if the students are already into the sequencing/production process they should respond well to it. It will give them more options anyway, and you can supply your own loops and sounds.
  4. I think that Cubase, even Cubase LE is best for this because you can then also move from looping into full sequencing - writing/improvising melodies over your looped tracks - there is also the possibility of putting live vocals in either rap or a sung vocal - layer them up and watch the marks soar! I love the soft-synths these programmes come with - there are som many things you can do. Also - there is nothign wrong with actually learning to play an instrument while you do GCSE music, is there?
    Fruity loops is wonderful fun by quite limiting.

  5. musicheart

    musicheart New commenter

    underworld9202 that sounds really interesting - I've messaged you!

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