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Looking to teach Art abroad

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mcintyre260, May 1, 2020.

  1. mcintyre260

    mcintyre260 New commenter

    Hi all

    I am looking at the possibility to teach art abroad. I have 17 years of full time teaching practice in F.E teaching BTEC art and media A- level programs and ten years leading and working on community art projects with children, adults, disabled , SEN Groups. I have PGCE and Fine art degree.... I see a lot of schools but not many colleges ...has anyone been excepted for a school with a FE background ? ……..or any general advice on where to avoid / pay etc ??
  2. yasf

    yasf Established commenter

    Yes, lots. I wouldn't emphasise it though, because:
    There aren't many. The vast majority of international schools run from age 3 up to 18. It's be unlikely that you'd ever be required to teach the whole range, but 11 to 18 is relatively common.

    That said, there are some international colleges that specialise in the KS5 / IBDP age range - often with at least Y11 or even Y10 as well thrown in as well as a prep year. Many of the UWCs, for example, as well as some schools that market themselves as US High Schools. As for where to apply and where not, just have a quick look at the other threads on here.
  3. mcintyre260

    mcintyre260 New commenter

    Appreciate the information many thanks.
  4. sharon52

    sharon52 New commenter

    I teach art and design I have taught in the UK and internationally its competitive, they generally want IGCSE A level and IB
    mcintyre260 likes this.
  5. mcintyre260

    mcintyre260 New commenter

    Thanks Sharon appreciate the msg.

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