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Looking to move to Singapore

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by Kamol, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Dear All,

    I've recently been looking at schools in Singapore. They seem to be paying well and to be pretty decent and the location is ideal.

    Does anybody have any info on schools to avoid/price and quality of life out there/general impressions about the place?

    Thank you in advance for any advice/information.
  2. goosey200

    goosey200 New commenter

    I worked for two years in Singapore, came back and now I'm about to go back again!
    Depending on what you are looking for, be wary of 'study centre' schools. Singaporeans are big on 'enrichment' and extra tuition for everything so there are lots of centres for Maths and English which employ expat teachers. I worked for one the first time round and whilst I had a great time overall, I became tired of having to work every weekend and have two weekdays off instead. If you're going over on your own it makes it difficult to create a social circle as everyone you meet will have regular weekends off and if you have a partner out with you, you'll never see them!!!
    There are many international schools affiliated (?) to different countries (Australia, Germany, American...) and a few local internationals. All are pretty much good to amazing. The more amazing, the harder they work you but you're rewarded well with salary and rent allowances. The big British international is Tanglin which has a good rep, uses the NC etc and most others use the International Primary Years Program (PYP).
    Quality of life - fabulous!! Its one of the reasons I'm going back. You're more than likely to live in a condo with a pool, gym, tennis courts, bbq area, I've never found an easier place to meet new people - it is quite a transient place so welcoming a newbie is part and parcel of living there. It is definately not the cheapest country in Asia but you'll be paid more than enough to cope! And don't get me started on the travel opportunities!!! Yes, it can be a tad 'clinical' and uncreative but the frustrations were really more of a niggle in the overall experience. PM me if you want to :)
  3. that makes it sound like a lovely place to live. Does anyone else have any other information on singapore? i am thinking of applying for the jobs at the new school for not so shiny witches. any information greatly received.
  4. lottee1000

    lottee1000 Occasional commenter

    I looked at the school for not shiny witches. According to Singaporean press, they will be on a temporary site for at least a year, which puts me off slightly, as I can't imagine that site being particularly useful or well resourced. However, the package, the reputation of most of the schools in that group and the eventual size and scope of the school are all promising, so I may still apply. Not very useful, but if you're that keen on Signapore I think it'd be worth a shout anyway.
  5. steluta

    steluta New commenter

    How does the package compare to tanglin and uwcsea?
  6. lottee1000

    lottee1000 Occasional commenter

    I don't know what the packages are like at those schools, I know they're good. The package for Dullwitches is on their website under employment.
  7. Has anyone applied for this school in Singapore? I sent off an application but haven't received a receipt of delivery. Is this strange or normal? What is it like to do sports in Singapore with the weather being so hot? Is it too hot?
  8. lottee1000

    lottee1000 Occasional commenter

    Quite normal for international schools, unfortunately. As for the heat, people get used to it, and plan extra sports for either inside, with air conditioning, or in the evening when the heat wears off a bit.
  9. steluta

    steluta New commenter

    Any news?
  10. lottee1000

    lottee1000 Occasional commenter

    haven't heard anything yet!
  11. steluta

    steluta New commenter

    Nothing yet...
  12. Not sure if you're still talking about Tanglin, but the deadlines for all the jobs have been extended to January 6th.
  13. happygreenfrog

    happygreenfrog Occasional commenter

    Given what 've read recently on the Jakarta BIS post, where a guy obviously at managment level stated they receive hunderds and hunderds of CV's, I'd suggest Singapore being what it is will receive even more. Good luck to anyone applying, but possibly the most sought after positions in SE Asia. As such don't hold your breath.
  14. I've heard from 'Trust' school and have interview in the New Year but not heard anything from 'not so shiny witches' school yet!
  15. imanewteacher2007

    imanewteacher2007 New commenter

    I've also heard from 'trust' school and have an interview in the new year. Applied for the new school opening its doors to KS1 and KS2 children but never had a confirmation email after sending my CV, photo and covering letter. Does anybody know why that would be?
  16. From reading press releases and other forums (so perhaps just rumour) but I believe the 'new' school are mainly recruiting internally from their other schools. The new head is currently head of one of their China schools. Also I hear that they are only opening at a small capacity on a temporary site and moving to main site after two years so that is when the recruitment drive will be bigger (Aug 2014 start date). Would be nice if they at least acknowledged our applications with a receipt of delivery. Trust school at least did this and gave date you would hear by!
  17. imanewteacher2007

    imanewteacher2007 New commenter

    I've now received a confirmation email, they'd had over 1000 applicants apparently. Shortlisted candidates to hear wb 2nd January. Good luck!
  18. For those of you who got interviews, can you let me know what subjects you teach? I just want to know if I should abandon any hope of getting shortlisted...
  19. My interview is for Junior Sch Primary teacher position.
  20. steluta

    steluta New commenter

    Tom did you get an interview confirmation? If so, what date?

    Good luck!

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