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Looking to do supply......How?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by spokegg, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. I am an NQT in the north-west (Cumbria), finishing a maternity cover in June but promises from Head that I will finish my NQT by doing cover till July. This leaves me jobless for September. No jobs on horizon so thinking about supply and know nothing about the procedure. I guess I need an agency. Any advice?
  2. Find out if you don't need an agency, you could well do better independently, if you are in the right LEA. I'd suggest you gauge how much day-to-day work is out there. In many places there's almost none. Your head might advise too.
  3. Check if any local authorities run their own supply service near you. They will pay you to scale and give you pension contributions.
    Have a look at agencies, as you'll need to do a CRB and fill in paperwork to be registered with them.
    I'd research them first though - some agencies are lovely, hard working and professional, others are rude, incompetent and unprofessional.
    It may also be worth sending your cv to local schools - they may be looking for staff for September, or if not may be willing to employ you to do supply directly.
    I work for a couple of schools directly, which means I get paid to scale, get pension contributions, etc. I then take agency work on the other days.
    Agencies usually pay you weekly, but at a lower daily rate, and with no pension contributions.

  4. also check with the head that you can remain on their books as such for cover, if you have a good relationship with the school (and it sounds like you have)and are on LEA payroll already its easier for the school to book and pay you directly, this saves them the agency commission and you get more pay as paid to scale rather than agency rate.

    Can't recommend any agencies in Cumbria area per se but see what others here say about the different ones they are with or have experience of
    large agencies are Hays, Teaching Personnel, Supply Desk, Randstead, Timeplan.

    You can still be registered with your current school and depending on the LEA some will allow portability of your CRB to agencies, basically means you don't need another one completed though some agencies insist on doing their own with you if recent they should be able to use your existing one, otherwise you have to pay £36.50 every time.
    I used to only have one or max 2 agencies but in current market recommend joining multi-agency if possible.

    Be warned it's not for faint-hearted or those needing secure regular income, be prepared for early mornings getting ready at 7 to 7:30 and no call at all and if you're lucky 2 days a week work.
    If no job in Sept recommend getting an evening job to tide you over until something more long term turns up.

    I've done this for 11 years or so and never known it this bad for work, check out other posts on the lack of work in supply due to Cover supervisors and budgets cut. If you teach Maths you may well be better off though for work.

    I've been lucky lately as had regular work and in a nice school who are trying to keep me on longer.
    It's my last year if everything goes according to plan as I'm going to move and run a holiday cottage business in the SW.
    I think supply is dead on it's feet now and I hope to jump ship otherwise another year like this and i'll be bankrupt.
    I wish you all the best,....
  5. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    Lancashire have an LEA agency (run through a company but paid to scale etc.) and I'm sure they are branching out to Cumbria.

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