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Looking for really good primary resources for the non specialist with very poor French ability

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by areyoumad, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Geekie

    Geekie Occasional commenter

  2. "An interesting point though you advocating French being taught by unqualified persons, I don't know why we bother training... "

    That wasn't actually what I advocated. I said:

    "Perhaps there is a parent or other local person, who would be willing to volunteer her services"

    I also suggested that you rmeian in the room to support him/her. Perhaps it ahs not occurred to you that the community contains many langauge experts and people with teaching experience who are not necessarily working? Or even who ARE working, but prepare dto volunteer their time out of a love for languages? When I was at home with my children I went into their primary school and taught French. I was actually paid, but I also volunteered at the school a lot and would have been happy to have done it during my volunteer hours. I knew at least three other mothers who were modern language graduates - I am sure there were plenty of other competent linguists in the community.

    And, on balance, at the primary level, I would prefer that my children be taught by someone who was not a trained teacher but spoke the language fluently than by a trained teacher who neither spoke or understood the language, nor had any desire whatsoever to teach it.

    In my view, the two most important goals at the primary level are accent and an enthusiasm for the language. The greatest advanatge of primary French is the better ability of children of this age to develop a good accent. Under the current situation, neither goal is likely to be met.

    I agree with everyone else that the government is again trying to do everything on the cheap and that. as things stand, it is not going to work. And in my view, primary teachers would greatly help the cause of language teaching in this country by refusing to accede to ridiculous demands such as the one made here.

    But I realise that I'm probably bashing my head against a brick wall.

  3. Mattie please listen to me:
    I agree with you on every single point.

    I do not believe that French or any language should be taught by non-specialists.

    Where a language is taught it should be to inspire children with an appropriate accent.

    The government are introducing another poorly researched and unfunding initiative into an already crowded curriculum.

    In the same way you can not refuse to cover lessons I can not refuse to teach french. I would face disciplinary. All the unions have sold us up the river and we would not be supported.

    My school can not get any one, including our own parents, to come and listen to the children read. No business will release employees to help them with this very basic skill, we've asked.

    When I posted all I wanted was some help, the net result of this 'conversation'; I feel even more demoralised than I did to begin with.

    Let me say again; all the way through this thread I have been agreeing with those who have said non-specialists should not teach languages.

    Also let me say again thank you to all who have given me some constructive help.
  4. I agree with all the other posters that you should not have to be doing this but if there is really no way out, get 'Boardworks', a really great IWB/computer DVD which goes through all the topics with lots of activities/games etc. Also 'Singing French' book and CD to complement topic areas. I'd aim to cover two topics per term. Certainly get the Teachers talking French resource that has already been suggested. Do lots of internet browsing - there are some great resources out there e.g. Sunderland's website and Ripon Grammar school. Early Start is good-ish but limited for activity ideas and quite expensive - the DVD is the best part of it. You'll have to speak French if you're teaching it but should find that when you have some good visual and aural resources they will help you. 2Simple French is good but if you use different resources you really want them to complement each other and sometimes you find that, for example, certain animals or foods are used in one resource but a different set in another one and this can be confusing if you don't want to land the kids with a ton of vocabulary.

    Does your LEA have a scheme of work and resources yet? There's money in the system for that kind of thing and some LEAs have been quick off the mark - check with your LEA adviser or primary AST teachers. Also the primary forums on this website have some great ideas on them.
  5. Hi there, i'd be really keen to chat to you. I actually qualified as a secondary french teacher a fair few years ago now but most of my teaching experience has been as an eal teacher. I would love to pick your brains as teaching french at primary really appeals to me and I'm considering appling for a couple of posts.

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