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Looking for other maths intervention teachers!

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by toffee20, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. toffee20

    toffee20 New commenter

    Hello all,

    I work as part of the maths department, but only teach small groups of 3-5. Mostly KS4, normal, (well, way above average PP) mixed state secondary school. Groups are taken based on confidence / ability, not at all behavior..

    It's a lovely job, but a lonely job, as I don't know any other teachers who only do only small group maths teaching. I'm looking for other people who do similar roles in other schools to chat to, for professional development!

    Anyone? Anyone know of anyone, or any schools with someone in a similar role?

  2. ConvivialCatMan

    ConvivialCatMan New commenter

    Hindley I teach small groups (1 to 3) for maths and literacy intervention. Yes it's great but isolated and I do suffer from self doubt at times made worse by lack of help and assurance. You might seek help from another similar teacher in nearby school or perhaps asomeone from your local authority education service. All the best.

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