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Looking for Online College reviews

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by kevinluther, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. If you have attended any online college or had any interaction/experience with one of the Online Colleges or Universities, please share your experience, good or bad.
    Visit our page




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    http://www.distance-learning-college-guide.com/online-college-reviews.html#reviews and share your contribution on one of the online colleges listed. The information will be posted on the website to serve as reference to prospective learners looking for information on validity and quality of online education delivered by online colleges.

  2. I did my Master of Science in statistics via online. The most difficult situation I cam across was that of technical glitches. I mean, I would recalculate and review the whole question if something un-toward happens. This was the most demoralizing aspect….i still remember, when I painstakingly completed my hypothesis question and just by the time I decided to show it to my teacher, internet gets out of order for a while and question could not pass through. ….so the questions that I had in mind to ask and therefore the counter arguments that I had to present to my teacher lost to my mind and I simply could not get my question evaluated correctly and therefore could not know where I stood in terms of the knowledge of subject matter..…. http://www.askforeducation.com

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