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looking for ideas to introduce outdoor learning in KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by helentoteach, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I'm an NQT in a year 6 class. I am keen to develop outdoor learning and am really looking for some ideas and advice. At the moment I've done some outdoor learning with my maths class. I'm also setting up an after school club which will promote the use of the outdoors.
    Please could you share experiences of how you use outdoor learning in your lessons?
    We have a large covered outdoor area for KS2 which is currently under used. Does anyone have any suggestions for equipment I could look into purchasing to aid outdoor learning in this area?
    Many thanks
  2. Hello,

    Have you thought of gardening? There are quite a few good news/blog articles about gardening in schools. You only need to do a bit of research to find some really useful information.

    Try this article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/teacher-network/teacher-blog/2011/oct/25/get-home-cooking-skills-gardening-tips-classroom?newsfeed=true

    SpottyGreenFrog.co.uk stock high quality gardening tools made specially for children as well as insect and wildlife habitats. They specialise in selling to schools and accept BACS payments.

    I hope that helps!
  3. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    You need to define what you expect in out door learning.
    Gardening is one...or ar you thinking of say orienteering and sciene out doors so using the school pond or other such things
    In the early days of NC we were supposed to promote orienteering as a way of teaching PE and maths and other skills.....within an area you can dveloop this with a variety of games and if you have a field available ,even better.. I have dont this with clues,pictures,words, maths problems and compass teaching at different times.//the kids adored it although make sure youset them off i pairs. I have eben had one child blindfolded and let the other lead.'tied' to his hand and the blindfld one is the brians whislt the othe is the guide..they cheat like hell but its goos fun
    Also paper areoplane club.......with compertitions, worked well. They loved to fols them and experiment .Using outdoor ares i have made boats and saied them....own esign and given design..As an ex cub leader i did have one group i taught tha cub tracking signs to and they folled someoen around and area.

    You can i suppose undertake construction, groups challanges to problem solving.ie get across an imaginary stream...you could ge them to delop immaginaty places wher creatures hide and how they might capture it.

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