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Looking for help with planning an "introduction evening" for year 10 parents....

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by seethestar, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. seethestar

    seethestar New commenter

    I have just taken over as a head of year in a high achieving all girls secondary school and am looking to put on an evening for parents of our latest GCSE cohort in mid September. I have seen such evenings work very well in many schools however it is not something we have ever run at my current institution.
    Whilst I can write a programme for the evening and a parents booklet from scratch - If anyone out there has any tips for me / pitfalls to avoid / electronic copies of what thier school has done - I would be most appreciative of the advice/help.
  2. Hi seethestar,
    Sadly I do not have anything for you but when I have seen these evenings the best tid bits the parents want is advice on how to support their son/daughter.
    Exam advice is always useful as well. What they can do during exam season to support their student.
    - Hand out copies of blank revision timetables
    - Show them an example of a completed revision timetable
    - Ensure they break their revision into sections.
    - Advice on free time during exam season
    - Useful websites
    - Buy useful stationary such as post it notes or A3 paper for mind maps
    It doesn't always have to be academic it could be 'cook them their favourite meal' or 'Ensure they have a quite place to revise', 'stop chores during the exam season'.
    Sorry their isn't more I can think of right now.
    Good luck
    P.S Lots of cups of tea.
  3. mpc


    Timelines and calendars are useful.
    Also a schedule of after-school booster sessions.

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