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Looking for help with a lesson please !

Discussion in 'Science' started by lyme, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. lyme

    lyme New commenter

    Hi all I have an interview soon and have to teach a biology lesson based on human nutrition KS4. I have planned something but it’s a bit dry and I wondered if anyone had some fun activities I could use to make it a little more active.
  2. rehaank

    rehaank Occasional commenter

    Perhaps get them to work in pairs/3s and draw an outline of one person on a big piece of paper and then write or draw examples of food the body needs for nutrition OUTSIDE the outline and then on the INSIDE perhaps write a brief account or key words relating to how the food is processed/essential compounds we get from the food like carbohydrates and amino acids.

    You can then use this as AfL and also differentiation, providing an extra level of challenge where they could research how these essential compounds are used by the body, focusing on metabolism and processing.

    You could also do a task where they have to act as the "dietician" and are given clinical scenarios of people with poor diets and the effect this is having, where they can work in groups to create diet plans etc.

    It's hard to give more advise as you havent provided enough info on what it is you are exploring and what outcomes you have attributed, but hope this helps.

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