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Looking for help needed re. Numeracy Song Writing Project

Discussion in 'Personal' started by samkordan, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    We are currently recording a variety of maths songs targeting Primary and SEN students that will be downloaded from Youtube and our own website )yet to be set up) as a teaching resource.

    We have written the songs and are currently recording them and now require someone who can provide basic animation to accompany them.

    Our ultimate aim is to get our songs in animated form our to as many schools as possible as we strongly believe that music helps students to progress in maths. We also aim obtain millions of youtube hits thus providing us with celebrity status.

    Thank you for you time.

    Samuel and James
  2. oggiehurler

    oggiehurler New commenter

    How about approaching a local school to animate them ? You could work with them.
    For a share of the profits!!
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. Will definitely consider that if we can't find an expert.

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