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Looking for examples of Foundation Stage report format

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by redhotsarah, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have a really simple report format? I am trying to get away from the in depth style which we have used in the past. I'd love to see some examples please!
  2. Does anyone have a really simple report format? I am trying to get away from the in depth style which we have used in the past. I'd love to see some examples please!
  3. We photocopy and send home the profile.
  4. Thanks for your reply peatles. I'm afraid my HT is not keen on us using the FSP as a report.

    Has anyone tried Foundation Stage Report Writer from Bluehills Software?
  5. I did reply to your previous post on 21st march if you leave your e mail i will send you mine.
  6. The e-profile does a really good report. It can be saved in word and you can cut and paste. It is one of the best things about the e-profile. You could then add your school logo and make it look really professional.
  7. Hi, could you please forward me a sample of your foundatin reports. Many THANKS edie
  8. kat688hotmailcom

    kat688hotmailcom New commenter

  9. HeightonS

    HeightonS New commenter

    please could I have a copy x
  10. Jenkibubble

    Jenkibubble Occasional commenter

    Ours are about 8 pages long zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    We comment on each of the 7 areas of learning and whether they are emerging, expected or exceeding. We then write a bit on each of the 3 characteristics of Effective Learning. Then a teacher comment, oh plus the HT comments because she can't write comments on every child in the school.
    In addition, the parents will also get the ELG grid with each area ticked (emerging, expected or exceeding)
  11. squashball

    squashball Occasional commenter

    ours - one page of A4 explaining child's journey through the year focusing on characteristics of effective learning and significant achievements then a list of 4 targets for Y1. All always very positive. Space for HT comment. All parents want to know is who their child plays with and whether they get into trouble (which they should already know). As a parent I just KNOW that 8 pages would be a cut and paste job (and, from experience, the more copying and pasting there is, the more errors creep in - and that makes parents REALLY cross). Wouldn't folk rather have 1 really personal paragraph demonstrating practitioners really understand and care for their child? Jenkibubble our reports used to pages long as well but we consulted parents and our concise version is the result - maybe you ought to get SLT to put this out to your parents? And I can't BELIEVE you are made to write the HT comment - yor havin' a larf aren't you?
  12. chubbyone

    chubbyone Occasional commenter

    Started mine today and let's just say given up the will to live already! Similar to yours Jenkibubble. Same format as rest of school so not eyfs friendly in the slightest. Most parents only want to know if they behave and are happy. We have conversations everyday. We send home all their work as capture electronically. Pointless but guaranteed to have sunny weather every day till they are done. I never cut and paste as do each one individually as every child is individual

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