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Looking for advice on French penpals

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by rachelle_mccoy, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Greetings!
    It is my first year teaching French 1 (13-15 year olds) and several students have mentioned that they would enjoy having a French penpal. I was wondering if anyone had any guidance in this area--which sites to use, what has worked for you, what hasn't, etc. I'd rather gather the wisdom of someone else's experience before jumping into the whole thing. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. annagrainger

    annagrainger New commenter

    I now teach Primary MFL and we have linked with a Spanish school via eTwinning (www.etwinning.net). Every child in Years 5 and 6 have a penpal and we write letters as part of our MFL lessons. You could probably find a French school who is also looking for English penpals on there and then work out with the teacher how it will work for you. I don't know if that's been any help to you!
  3. samuelwoodman

    samuelwoodman New commenter

    Hello, I'm a parent at a French secondary school in Paris looking to set up an exchange program with a UK school. If you're still on the look out for French penpals, please don't hesitate to contact us as my daughter's class is very eager to exchange with UK penpals.
  4. bouyalexandra1

    bouyalexandra1 New commenter

    Hello I am a French Teacher, I would be greatly interested by an exchange with your students.
    I teach in a private high school near Paris : La salle Passy Buzenval.
    Would you be interested ?
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  5. emmelineframe

    emmelineframe New commenter

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  6. emmelineframe

    emmelineframe New commenter

    Hi I am a teacher in an English primary school. I am looking to make contact with a French school and set up a penpal exchange. My students are 10-11 years old (year 5-6). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  7. katiemclo1

    katiemclo1 New commenter

    I am a French teacher in a High school in Newcastle, England. Every year we hope to find a school/classes to make links with in France to start penpal projects. Is this something you might still be interested in doing?
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  8. Mary_P_Scully

    Mary_P_Scully New commenter

    Hello, I am a French Teacher in Ireland looking to make contact with a French school and set up a penpal exchange with similar aged students. My students are 11-13 years of age. (1st & 2nd years) If you are interested maybe you will get in contact with me?
    Thank you
  9. lungialex

    lungialex New commenter

    Hi katiemclo1, I'm an English teacher in a High school in the french side of Switzerland. I'm really motivated to start a penpal project. This academic year is going to be quite complicated though; we can discuss about it if you want!
  10. deiivid

    deiivid New commenter

    Hi I could not find a way to email you but I'm a French teacher in London and would love to plan penpal project for next academic year.
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  11. lungialex

    lungialex New commenter

    I don't know how to find your contact info either; I don't know if it's possible to post it here (admin?) but my e-mail is lungialex@hotmail.com.
  12. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    If anyone wants to send a private message, rather than reveal personal contact details on here, just click on your avatar at the top, right-hand side, click on Conversations, then click on Start a Conversation.
  13. hargow2017

    hargow2017 New commenter

    Hi Mary,
    I teach English in a French college and I'm looking for penpals in Ireland so perhaps we can set something up? I've got 23 12/13 year olds in their second year of learning English. Does that fit with anything you have?
    All the best,

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