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Looking for A graphic novel title

Discussion in 'English' started by K.Wellborne, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. K.Wellborne

    K.Wellborne New commenter

    Hi I'm looking for a graphic novel?picture book which I used in creative writing a few years back. There are no words but its about 2 boys who go swimming in a water tower and when they come out one of them has changed. It's very eerie and a bit unsettling a bit like Invasion of the Bodysnatchers with changed people being a bit like the pod people in those films. I thought it was Shaun Tan but it can't find it on Amaz*n.

    Anyone help?

  2. puppyofdoom

    puppyofdoom New commenter

    Is this it? It sounds similar from the blurb, but this one does have text.
  3. K.Wellborne

    K.Wellborne New commenter

    Yes ! :)
    Thank you- didn't think the title was so obvious!o_O

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