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Looking for a geography link up school

Discussion in 'Geography' started by lorraine1985, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I've recently be become the geography coordinator at my school. We are a 2 form entry inner city primary school in London. I was hoping to find a school/class to link with to hopefully do a project together. I eould really like to find a contrasting school such as a rural school or outer lobdon/fringe school. i was thinking a project Maybe along the lines of the children could write to each other and find about the loacality of the schools and find out how parts of the UK are very similar/different. They can send pictures/photographs of surrounding areas?

    Please get in contact if you are interested or if you know of somewhere else I should look for this.

    Thank you
  2. Hi

    I would be interested. We are in Eastbourne down on the south coast.
  3. hello I would be interested I teach year one at a school in cheshire
  4. Hi I have inboxed both of you
  5. hello I don't think your email went through ? Could you please resend :) thanks
  6. Hi Lorraine, Hope I'm not too late to show an interest in your great idea to link up with a school? I'm also the Geography Coordinator at a school, in Bournemouth (so there's a good coastal comparison perhaps?). Hope to hear from you. Kevin

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