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Look and Read Badger Girl

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tafkam, May 8, 2008.

  1. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Up, because although I can't help, this deserves a wider audience.
  2. Thanks Tafkam. I am really drawing a blank with this one. Have tried BBC again, ebay, youtube, other schools in my catchment area...Can't believe the most exciting programme is missing.

    Can anyone suggest anywhere else? My class love look and read and it would be great to do one that matches our theme.
  3. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    Great website babyboomer!
  4. I love it - brings back so many memories! :0) lol
  5. Oh my - what a great website - I'm off to Watch Cloudburst circa 1974!!!
  6. Thanks babyboomer - had a look but can only downlaod the starting title.

    Great site though. I spent ages looking at stuff :)
  7. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    I have every single series of look and read on disc - can help you out if you want. Includes all episodes and the PDF version of the book.
    Boy from Space is my fave!!
  8. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    If anyone else is interested in any of the series let me know

    The full list:
    01a "Bob and Carol Look for Treasure: The Lost Treasure" 09 January, 1967 - 13 February, 1967
    Two children, Bob and Carol, search for clues to find a hidden treasure.

    01b "Bob and Carol Look for Treasure: The Stolen Treasure" 20 February, 1967 - 13 March, 1967
    Bob and Carol must follow clues left by the robbers of the treasure.

    02 "Len and the River Mob" 15 January, 1968 - 25 March, 1968
    Len Tanner, a young dock worker, begins to suspect that his boss and workmates are members of an infamous gang of thieves known as "The River Mob".

    03 "The Boy from Space" 21 September, 1971 - 30 November, 1971
    Helen and her brother Dan spot a light in the sky one night that they decide to investigate. Upon discovering a meteorite they meet a young alien child, who they name Peep-Peep. When the alien boy and his father are kidnapped it is up to the two children to follow a trail of clues to find their new friend.

    04 "Joe and the Sheep Rustlers" 16 January, 1973 - 27 March, 1973
    Joe, a shepherd boy, and his friend Jill decide to investigate the theft of some sheep from Castle Farm.

    05 "Cloud Burst" 24 September, 1974 - 03 December, 1974
    Whilst playing with a toy plane, Jenny Barber and her brother, Tim, meet a scientist, Ram Pandit, who is working on a secret invention. When Ram is kidnapped by rivals trying to get information on his work, it is up to the children to find them and stop his invention from falling into the wrong hands.

    06 "The King's Dragon" 11 January, 1977 - 22 March, 1977
    Billy West, a fisherman's grandson, discovers some threatening messages made up from newspaper cuttings. When he and a local journalist go to investigate, they discover that they are targeted at an archaeologist working at a local castle whose life is suddenly under threat because of the long lost local treasure; King Harold's golden armring known as "The King's Dragon".

    07 "Sky Hunter" 19 September, 1978 - 28 November, 1978
    Whilst on a boating holiday, three friends, Jackie, Butch and Trevor, must help stop the illegal theft and trading of birds in the area.

    08 "The Boy From Space (1980)" 15 January, 1980 - 25 March, 1980
    A reworking of the 1971 tale (above)

    09 "Dark Towers" 22 September, 1981 - 01 December, 1981
    When Tracy chases her dog into the mysterious Dark Towers, she becomes involved in a race to find the old house's hidden treasure.

    10 "Fair Ground!" 11 January, 1983 - 22 March, 1983
    Ozzie Watson loves the fair that comes to town at easter, but when a series of disturbances and crimes occur there it is up to him to solve the problem.

    11 "Badger Girl" 18 September, 1984 - 27 November, 1984
    Three city children go on holiday to the country. Whilst there they meet various different people out on the moor, some of whom are involved in pony-rustling. It is up to them to work out who is involved and how to stop it.

    12 "Geordie Racer" 12 January, 1988 - 22 March, 1988
    "Spuggy" Hilton loves spending time at the local pigeon lofts. When he discovers secret messages being received by pigeon, he suspects Baz, a local pigeon trainer, of being involved in a series of local robberies. Spuggy and his friend Janie must link the clues to try and solve the case.

    13 "Through The Dragon's Eye" 19 September, 1989 - 28 November, 1989
    Three children, Jenny, Amanda and Scott, are painting a mural on a school wall. When a dragon in the painting winks at them they are pulled into the land of Pelamar. The children are asked by this magical world's inhabitants to help them gather together different parts of the
    mysterious "Veetacore" in order to save their home.

    14 "Sky Hunter II" 14 January, 1992 - 24 March, 1992
    A reworking of the 1978 tale (above)

    15 "Earth Warp" 11 January, 1994 - 22 March, 1994
    Three children, Martin, Amina and Jenny, befriend an alien named Ollie who they must help in his task of saving the local Southbeach from being destroyed due to pollution.

    16 "Spywatch" 15 January, 1996 - 25 March, 1996
    When Norman Starkey returns to the village where he was evacuated to during World War II, he recalls the adventures he had with his friends Dennis, Mary and Polly.

    17 "Captain Crimson" 14 April, 1997 - 09 June, 1997
    Jeff is a comic book artist whose most popular creation is the super hero Captain Crimson. When Jeff's son Tom and his friend Amy make up the ending to one of the comics it causes Captain Crimson to appear in the real world, forcing the two friends to find ways of hiding the hero whilst he goes on a series of adventures.

    18 "The Legend of the Lost Keys" 12 January, 1998 - 23 March, 1998
    Whilst on holiday, twins, Mark and Lisa, discover that their Uncle George is the guardian of an ancient box, which is a gateway to the world of Heritron. When the box is stolen by scientists, George worries that the evil leaders of Heritron are trying to break through to Earth and it's up to the twins to help get the box back.

    19 "Zzaap and the Word Master" 16 January, 2001 - 15 February, 2001
    Josie and Peter get transported into an educational computer game at their school. Once inside they discover that the game is being controlled by the evil Victor Virus who is intent on finding a way to take over the world. The Children, assisted in the real world by Simon and Frances, must stop Virus by completing the various levels of the game.

    20 "Shadow Play" 01 March, 2004 - 29 March, 2004
    Whilst on holiday, Ben discovers a Victorian diary written by a girl named Hester. He finds out what growing up was like in the nineteenth century and, as the story goes on, he becomes progressivly more involved in Hester's situation.
  9. Philipy, I was the same, I could only get the starting titles and nothing else. Anyone got any clues how to get the whole episode or does the site only deal in credits.
  10. titus4t

    titus4t New commenter

    sidney sides are you serious? I'd love all of them, though Through the Dragon's Eye and Sky hunter were my special favourites. Did anyone else notice how the villain in Skyhunter (can't remember his name) has now turned up as magic grandad?!
  11. OMG. I watched Dark Towers and Geordie Racer at school (On the road, on the street, hear the sound of pounding feet, Geordie Racer, Geordie Racer!!)

    We have Legend of the Lost Keys and Spywatch on video at my current school. Can't believe that Legend of the Lost Keys is less than 10 years old - it looks sooooooooo dated when my Y5 watched it in Golden Time last year. They liked it though!
  12. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    Yes - I have 18 full series of them! The memories!!
  13. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

  14. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    OK folks, gone through the siscs and this is what I have:
    Each series has a document with a synopsis of each episodes, actors, etc

    Badger Girl - All 10 episodes plus PDF book
    Captain Crimson - All 8 episodes
    Cloud Burst - All 10 episodes plus PDF book
    Cark Towers - All 10 episodes plus PDF book
    Earth Warp - All 10 episodes
    Fairground - All 10 episodes plus PDF book
    Geordie Racer - All 10 episodes plus PDF book
    Joe and The Sheep Rustlers - All 10 episodes plus PDF book
    LRTV - All 8 episodes
    Shadow Play - All 5 episodes
    Sky Hunter - All 10 episodes plus PDF book
    Sky Hunter II - All 10 episodes
    Spywatch - All 10 episodes
    The Boy From Space - All 10 episodes plus 2 version of the PDF book
    The King's Dragon - All 10 episodes plus PDF book
    The Legend Of The Losy keys - All 10 episodes
    Through The Dragon's Eye - All 10 episodes
    ZZap and the Word Master - All 6 episodes plus PDF book
  15. hi there, I have emailed you Sidneysides- I got so excited when I saw this - i remember finding something a while ago on the net but was only opening credits, but had a good sing along!

    Geordie racer, geordie racer.... FLYYYY!!!!

  16. sidneysides

    sidneysides New commenter

    I may get a nasty letter from the BBC but as far as I am aware they are not published or shown anymore anyway!
  17. i won't tell!! Promise! x
  18. I love Look and Read and have missed it so much. I would be very grateful if you could let me know how to get them all!!!

  19. TreesK

    TreesK New commenter

    The Boy from Space!!! Sidney, where did you get them all?

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