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Longlisted then shortlisted, then .... bam!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by aspire_teach, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Oh dear oh dear! Went for a lesson observation yesterday that was 2 hours travel away, along with TWENTY others! I thought my lesson didn't go all that well so was delighted when, at lunchtime,I had been shortlisted through to the interview stage (now with 8 others all trying to get one of 3 available vacancies). I could feel that job within my grasp!! The interview was great, fab questions, was all smiley and happy, emphasised how much I wanted to help the children progress and flourish in my classroom, and put in zillions of examples from my practice. I got the phone call in the early evening. Bad news ... I was not enthusiastic enough. I still can't believe that was the reason they chose. Fair enough if I hadn't differentiated, or did not relate to SEN etc, although the Head did say my lesson was "good". I am devastated at being pipped at the final post. I qualified last year, still haven't got an NQT post and am on my 30-something application. Jobs in my local area and beyond are fast disappearing and I have a fear that the longer I can't do my induction year, the harder it will be. Sorry for the rant. I need a hug :-(
  2. ah I feel your pain believe me, and you are not alone! I qualified in 2009 and have still not started my NQT,and like you I feel the longer it goes on the harder it will be, or should I say already is. I have an interview next week which says to bring a collection of work from my current class and two recent lesson observations and I dont have either as I am not currently in school, grrrr. I am really really close to giving up altogether, and I am currently working in charity fundraising just to pay the rent :(
  3. *hug* I must have done 50 apps last year and I did finally get a job so hang on in there. The reasons can sometimes seem ridiculous but try not to take them personally. Its always important to take on board feedback - I'm not saying you should ignore it - but also take it with a pinch of salt. Ultimately we are human and its about personailities. If the head or chair of govenors takes to somebody for some reason then they get the job. Not because you weren't good enough but because of a personality match. You may be incredibly enthusiastic at your next school and be told that they thought you were fake or 'hamming it up'. Stuff like that is very idividual to the school.
    Its massively frustrating to be told (I was 7 times!) 'We would have happily given you the job but you were just second place' but it is at least better than being told you're god awful!
    Just as a side note - I find incredibly enthusiastic people incredibly annoying! Particularly girls who dive into the interview chatting away to the deputy head as if they are old friends and laughing VERY loudly at everything. They also tend to tell you their whole life history. I would never behave like this because if I were interviewing I would imediately cross them off the list, knowing I couldn't work with someone like this! Maybe its more fool me.
  4. sending you a very big hug! I know how you feel, I feel the same this week, having lost out in an interview for my dream job. I have no doubt your were enthusiastic, so ignore that feedback. If you felt your lesson didn't go brilliantly, then it probably was that - just like in my case. (I hate myself for being too nervous and therefore not my best.)The only advice I can give, remember the positives from your interview, and keep going! Remember, maternity leave covers are being advertised all year round, and can be a good way to do your induction year (worked for me). Good luck!
  5. Thanks all. I was considering supply for September, just to get hold of a job, any job! I hadn't considered maternity leave! Stupid question: can it count towards your NQT year if it covers a term? Perhaps I should look for advertisements that are only a term, so at least I have banked SOMETHING!!
  6. I know exactly how your feeling. After qualifying in 2008 I spent my first year on supply. Then I did a maternity cover which lasted two terms, which does count towards your induction year by the way. This year I have done another maternity cover for 1 year so was able to finish my NQT year. I am now job hunting again for that illusive permanent job. Have sent over 20 applications but still no interview. In the North West it has been typical for primary schools to have up to 200 people apply for 1 job. How do you get your application to stand out? I really don't know. All my lesson observations have been outstanding or good. I know I am a good teacher and have been told so by all the schools I have worked in. I love teaching but there comes a time when I wonder is it time to give up and look for something else.
  7. I am amazed how many NQTs are not considering mat covers!!!! Last year there were so few jobs and all the year contracts and perm jobs were going to experienced teachers so it was the *only* way in if you wanted something for September.
    I applied for a perm post and the school had two mat cover posts - it was the first job I applied for and I was offered the mat post. I took it and didn't look back. My mat cover was due back in Feb so I looked around for another post after Christmas. The main thing here is to keep the communication with the head open so you know what is going on, as they only have to give you a week's notice and the rights are really all with the person whose maternity it it - but as long as you know where you are it is not a problem.
    I then managed to secure a fixed term contract from Christmas - summer (paid to 31st August) and have completed my NQT induction.
    I have now secured another post (temp with a view to perm) for next year. I was offered an extension for a year at my present school but it isn't for me. This took me 4 interviews (2 of those schools were so not right for me).
    Most of the people I know who qualified last year and has taken temp/mat posts to start with have either secured another post fairly quickly elsewhere or have been made perm at their school as the situation has changed.
    So YES - Mat cover does count towards you induction and gets you a job! Much better on a CV than supply imho and breaks that visious cycle. I am proof positive of that and my record on job applications are:
    1 interview = 1 job
    1 interview = 1 job (I was also offered another interview after this but declined as I got the job)
    4 interviews = 1 job
    Much better than just considering perm posts :)

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