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Long-term supply with pneumonia

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by AliceIam, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. If you have been diagnosed with pneumonia over the hols you cannot possibly be fit enough to go in no matter how much you would like to. I think you should be absolutely honest about the situation but make it clear you are eager to be there once you are recovered. If you go in and cannot do the job that is what they will remember.
    Some years ago i had pneumonia and was in bed for three weeks and I needed it. You will have medical certificates so the school will know you are genuine. Obviously it is your decision, but do think carefully, and if this falls through there will be other opportunities. Teaching is a job you cannot do effectively unless you are well. If you are not going to be well give them as much notice as possible.
    Most important, take good care of yourself and please let us know how things turn out.
  2. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    I would have thought if it was a terms length you would have been given a contract and not employed by the agency. You may have got it through them, but then you are supposed to get a contract with the LA are you not?

    You may not have had it yet, so if not, then you would need to tell the agency. Usually, guidelines state if you are sick, you have to stay off so many days, clear before you can go in now.
  3. Actually reverse is true. If you go into a school with an agency (and Miss Scudmore says she has) agencies charge stupid finders fees if the school wants to employ you direct. I am on a maternity cover which could be as long as a year and the agency wanted £4k to buy me off - so on daily supply £100 per day (saving the school money) and from 11 May on scale pay - with agency fee on top still cheaper.....
  4. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    The school couldn't employ you on daily supply for that long a period of time if full time. Jeezuz, they could circumvent the pay scales if the could. The finders fee would vary based on length of cover. The agency would want to be compensated for losing staff off their books.

    I am sure that a maternity cover would require a school to find a full time teacher and issue a contract. We have one now, and they have had to hire the person and issue a LA payroll number.

    I haven't looked at this stuff in years, so things might have changed, I will have to check.
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    yes they could! There is no limit on how long an agency placement on daily supply taes can last (or an LA supply register placement). AWR, however, means that after being placed with a school for more than 12 weeks, the agency would have to pay the teacher at the same level as an LA supply teacher. The agency would remain the employer and the teacher would carry on being paid a daily rate, with no access to sick pay or to the teachers' pension scheme.
    being a maternity cover does not make it obligatory for an LA contract to be issued. If the teacher is placed by an agency, they will be paid as normal (daily rate) by the agency.
    If the teacher is placed by an LA outsourced agency, where the LA pays the wages, the teacher will remain on daily (LA) supply rate.
    If the teacher is recruited by the school, perhaps from an advert or from a CV approach from the teacher, thye will issue a fixed-term LA contract. If the tempoirary teacher works every school day and the fixed term contract is designed to end just as the summer break starts, the teacher would have been better being on LA supply daily rate for the Summer term as they'd generate 4 weeks of holiday pay that way instead of the one paid week at half-term when on a contract that doesn't pay them over the summer holidays.
    This state of affairs has ALWAYS been the case since private agencies have been involved in placing teachers.
    The issue over summer holiday pay has always been a bone of contention for supply teachers who might have worked from 1st Sept to late in July and have then not been paid for the normal holidays related to teaching an entire school year, except if they remained on the official daily rate which is annual salary divided by 195 school days. Work 195 days and earn a year's salary on official daily rate.
  6. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    My only issue would be that whilst working for an agency, most if not all actually deem you self employed and they act as your agents hence why they can do your taxes. HMRC will beg to differ on a teacher going into a single school every day for a long period of time and being classed as self employed since you wouldn't even meet the criteria of what is self employed.
  7. Well, I am not self-employed they pay my tax and NI. I am on £100 per day (less than an NQT) then on May 11th I go up to scale and then the school holidays are six weeks so back down to £100 per day in September. I don't get pension access. I am job seeking, although ironically I love the school and would love to stay there.... and the maternity has move away and doesn't want to come back. If she does will travel here one or two days a week to do part-time and avoid paying back maternity. Of course if they advertise the job doesn't mean I will get it. It is 5 minutes drive from my house so spending hardly anything on petrol and I don't have to leave until 8am to get there..... Working four days a week during the summer, plus one week on bar for a festival and my schwartz job. During Easter worked four days in my museum job, two days for Schwartz and three days self-employed. Could do with a break really, but can't on the money.
  8. The six week holiday does NOT count against you for AWR purposes as there is no work available for you at this time. So if you were to continue it would be at the enhanced rate.

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