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Long term sickness and pay up in return

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by littledragon25, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. littledragon25

    littledragon25 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I need to to try not to give too much away here.

    I've been off sick since mid June after being diagnosed with a rare cancer which involved surgery in the summer. My school has been very supportive and I've happily kept in touch and kept my head updated as and when things have cropped up. I'm entitled to 100 days full and 100 days half sick pay. My 100 days full pay will run out just before the Christmas holiday period, and my half pay (by my calculations) should run out after the first week of May.

    Due to the surgery I went through, I have been left with some interesting physical defects, making me unsuitable to return to work in September. I've also been messed around a bit by hospitals in regards to having chemo/Radiotherapy. It is due to start this month after being delayed over and over again since August for a variety of reasons. It is due to end in January.

    My oncologist has made it clear that she will not sign me off for returning to work until she is happy about some of my defects improving as radiotherapy could make them worse and both make work a potential danger to me due to risk of falls etc. I should be having a consultation with her 6 weeks after therapy ends (mid February) and an MRI after that (end of March, ish).

    With all this said, I'm very much missing work and can't wait to get back but am also aware that with everything I've been through my health has to be number 1 priority. I'm hopeful to return in March depending on my levels of fatigue, and how well my new physical defects have improved. I am certain I'll have to return on a phased return, and potentially be part time until September even.

    My question is, if I return on a phased return, do I remain on sick pay or is.lay calculated differently?

    For example, if I go back in March and they sort out a long phased return (let's argue 6 working weeks), then would I still be on the half pay as it's running through to may?

    What if I have to go back later as my oncologist isn't happy and I can't return until after the Easter holidays? What do I get then as technically my sick pay will have run out but I will be actively trying to return?

    I'd never have thought I'd be in this position. I love my job and as I said school is super supportive and my head has already said they will do whatever it takes to get me back, so I imagine a long phased return is likely, but I'm worried as I will have bills still to pay and my return date is a little out of my hands as I'll be reliant on a doctor saying yes really.

    Any help and advice appreciated. Also, if anyone has recommendations on what should be incorporated into a phased return (I.e. things I should be requesting) please leave comments too as I'm very much in the dark here. TIA
  2. peapicker

    peapicker Star commenter

    So sorry to hear you are recovering from cancer. I wish you continuing strength.

    The people to ring are Macmillan, for specialist advice on work, the law and your rights. You should know that cancer is prescribed as a disability under the Equality Act 2010. It is good to hear that your school is being supportive. Macmillan can help you think through what you will require from your phased return.

    Are you already in receipt of PIP? Have you claimed it? That would help if your income reduces.

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  3. Fleecyblanket

    Fleecyblanket New commenter

    Once you return to work been if it is o a phased return you will be entitled to full pay. Check with your union.
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