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Long term role VS permanent. Very confused, need your advice.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lacris, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. I'm currently employed on a long term post through my agency which ends this summer.

    My experience didn't use to be so good but this long term post gave me all I needed to be considered for interviews in permanent posts and now I am applying by myself for roles and attend interviews.

    I seem to be getting on well and I passed some interviews for permanent roles and currently on the process of going back to teach a trial lesson.

    A long-term post came up through my agency recently and they are trying to push me to take it.

    I find that I am really struggling financially with long term supply. When I work a full 4-week month I get 1800£ per month after tax. HOWEVER this is not the case during half terms. And lets not mention Christmas, Easter, 6 weeks in the summer, voting days, e.t.c. Which means that I only get 1800£ every third month, and for the rest of the year I get either about 1300£ or even 900£! This is exhausting especially in the summer when I cannot afford my rent. My agency is saying that there is no difference on my current payment to what I'd be earning on a permanent post, and that I still get paid for holidays but I just don't save up when I have to.

    I always thought that on a permanent post I could be earning those 1800£ every month or at least 1700£ without worrying every time July approaches. I feel like I have no more motivation to work long-term. I constantly stay till late at work to be good at my job but the money I receive makes me constantly struggle. If I could earn those 1700£ every month I would at least be able to feel I can suppport myself without stress over direct debits.

    I really want to try for those permanent posts but there is pressure on wether I take the long-term role or not. But what if none of the permanent post applications I've maid works out and I'm left jobless from September? I would not like to turn a long-term post down and then have absolutely no other options if something goes wrong.

    I would appreciate any valid advice from people with experience in the field.

    Thank you!
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I don't know how much salaries have increased since I was last in the UK (3 years ago), but then I was getting £1300 a month take-home pay.
  3. Just to clarify I am talking about London payscale where minimum starting teacher's salary is about 27.000£.
  4. Nikkibell811

    Nikkibell811 New commenter

    I tried to do a quick calculation based on your full months pay and I think it comes to around £1450 / month every month if you were in a permanent job on the same salary point. To get £1800 every month you would need a salary of around £30,000. A permanent job doesn't pay any more than supply on the same point if you work every day of the school year. It just pays the same amount every month of the year, unlike the ups and downs of supply that you are finding difficult to manage.

    I know salaries can be negotiated now and I don't know anything about London so there may be some variables I haven't thought of.

    Hope this helps
  5. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Star commenter

    I think yoda's estimate is a little out as I earn £24000 part time and take home around 1500. So to get to your 1700 a month you probably need to earn around 28000 on a permanent contract. I don't know the London scales but that seems quite low on the scale.

    As a very rough guide I usually say once you are over your tax allowance, you lose about a third to tax, pension and NI.

    I'd go for the permanent job anyway, you can always fall back on long term agency if you don't get anything, especially if there are plenty of jobs about.

    Good luck
  6. You don't say what pay scale you are on, which makes it hard to say whether you're being reasonable in your pay expectations. I'm currently M3, and take home just over £1500 after tax etc (but this is well out of London).

    Like you, I've spent the last almost 5 years jumping from temp post to temp post (but have just been offered a perm post from September - which I'm delighted about!) so I do understand the uncertainty and worry that comes with temp posts.

    Just to clarify though, you say you've passed interviews for perm posts and going back to teach a trial lesson...? Is that a London thing? Out of London certainly, you teach a lesson whilst there for the interview and are offered the job (or not) that day. There is certainly no "you've passed this bit... now come back for this bit". That's weird, and I've done a LOT of interviews over the years to know!

    It won't help you now really, but have you considered moving out of London, where your money will stretch further? You don't mention whether you have dependents or not.

    Personally though, in your situation, if I were offered a long-term post, I'd take it. Money is money at the end of the day. I mean, yes, that just delays the problem again for 6 months, but that's 6 months of life you get to fund in the meantime. And you never know whether that temp post is the one that could become permanent.
  7. I am on M3 too, which is about 28.00- 29.000 on London payscale. If I earned the starting teaching salary for London it would be 27.000£ which is about 1700£ after tax. But I've been on the profession for over 3 years so I would probably be earning more than that on a permanent contract.
  8. I am not consirering relocation as my life is in London and my partner too and I enjoy a busy lifestyle in general :) But thanks for the advice. I agree with you and definitely trying for permanent.

    Many schools have many interview stages. I had a screening interview and I passed it and now I am going back this week for a trial lesson and a final interview. I am really excited about it :)

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