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Long term planning HELP

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tigtog, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. Hi all I'm new to year 1 in September after being in EYFS for 14 years. I haven't been given much by the old teacher whom has left. So at a bit of arrrr of what to do with planning etc. I was given a paper sheet with cut and stick pieces of paper of which are the milestones I believe from Chris Quidgly. They have used them to plan a 2 year rolling cycle using the milestones. So we only do history now and history in the spring and summer is geography but that doesn't cover all all the objectives. They have put it on a 2 year rolling programme but we are not a mixed year group school. So they do not cover so all the aspects until they would be in year 2?? They have done this for DT and art ?? I thought I would have do geography/history every term and also DT/art every term. I've got down to have music weekly and Iove music but how has that more waiting than art or DT ?

    I have been looking for other long term plans to see if I'm right in my thinking and found a few I like the layout of. Their reasoning behind it was they can't fit everything in in a week? I'm happy to put what I have been given up but ideally I'd like to know how you do a long term plan please and any examples would be great so I can and speak to my head in September. Thank you xx
  2. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Pm me your email address and I'll send you some bits over that might help you out :) x

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