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Long Term Planning AQA New Spec

Discussion in 'English' started by MissTrouble, May 27, 2011.

  1. Yes.In fact all our elevens are doing Lang in Jan!seems like a plan!I'm almosdt liking the New Spec!
  2. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    We have completed all the C/A for Lang & Lit in Y10. Last half term is Non Fiction prep & Y10 exams. Sept 1/2 term starts with Lit novel. End of Nov/Dec prep for Lang exam in Jan. Back to Lit prep (OM&M/Poetry).
    Considering putting Y10 in for Poetry exam at the end of Y10 next year to get some of it out of the way and move a C/A into Y11.
    Still tweaking & working out what works best. Interesting to hear other people's plans. I know a local school has them down to do the Lang exam 3 times although I'm pretty certain they can't do that.
  3. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    It baffles me that people are talking about leaving time for 'redoing controlled assessment'. How is this being managed? The only way 'redoing' it would be acceptable would be to reteach the unit with a different focus and task. I just can't see how there's time for this.
    I've let kids have another go at the Producing Creative Texts ones, but these only take 2 hours and can easily be fitted in with generally writing practice/preparation for the exam. I haven't even attempt to let any one have another go at the Shakespeare/Lit Heritage as it would be impossible to set another task - they took long enough to get their heads around the first one!
    My dept started out all adament that we weren't going to be allowing 'resits' of CA, but gradually, some members of the department have started having children back at lunchtimes and after school. I know that they are allowing kid to re-do the same assessment, or to redraft with more ideas. I'm furious! I'm not doing this for a couple of reasons:
    1) It's against the rules
    2) Controlled Assessment in its proper form massively reduces my workload
    3) I'm determined that kids learn they have to do the work at the time or reap what they didn't sow later on. So far my troublesome year 10s have failed to cotton on to the fact that they have to try hard in EVERY lesson or else face getting Band 1 or 2 on their controlled assessment (targets are Cs).
  4. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    We are trying to build in redoing CAs. As you say, the writing ones are easier to manage and, as there are six tasks, it's not too difficult to do three and use the best two. Extended reading should be OK once we start the Lit set texts and we're thinking of getting whole year group to do at least one if we can sort out a task that fits, say OMAM or Mockingbird. The difficult one is the Shakespeare. It wouldn't be so bad if they could redo the same task but, as they can't, it means teaching it again and we just won't have the time. That said, it's such a big chunk of the Lit grade, I think well have to do something for the kids who messed it up. But we have stuck to the rules so far and intend to continue to do so.
  5. millicent_bystander

    millicent_bystander New commenter

    We were asked to take on Media Studies as well this year, so the top two sets have done English Literature, Language and Media Studies, with the remaining sets doing English and Media Studies [​IMG]
    We are in the process of reviewing our long term and medium term plans but have focused on getting all controlled assessments out of the way in year 10 - top sets are sitting Literature Unit 2 after half term - with English/English Language exams in January, giving opportunities for re-sits in June and the remaining Literature exams in June along with Media Studies.
    We are having to formalise all CAs next year so that they are calendared in the same way that exams are - they will be taken in non-English classrooms so that there are no 'help points' in the form of classroom displays etc. Haven't quite got my head around how this will work, but it should make the students value the CAs more.
    We are building in some catch-up sessions in Summer 2 to ensure all students are up to date, but haven't got time to 're-do' any CAs as far as I can see.
    Just thankful that we'll only be teaching one spec next year, surely it will simplify things!?
  6. I was going to get my Year 10s to sit Lang exam in Jan and then enter CA tasks in May of Year 10. By having the exam results already, you'd then know what final grade they were going to get wouldn't you? Am I wrong in this? Please let me know if I am wrong as I'm basing all my planning on this. [​IMG]
  7. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    IMHO I wouldn't put them in for the exam in Y10. I know a school who did & their results weren't great. C/A is 60% - why bank it in Y10? You don't gain anything - save it for Y11 & enter them in Jan Y11 or give them another chance to do the Language exam in Y11.
  8. I need some clarification about the new English spec. It is my understanding that you don't HAVE to include any poetry in this spec if you don't want to. Is this correct? Thanks
  9. thequillguy

    thequillguy New commenter

    In regards to the schools that enter their students into the exam three times, if they are doing so then I think they have the 'bank' some of their CA before the terminal exam. Suffice to say, without a run-through I wouldn't like to be the one responsible for getting that one wrong. So far, I wonder how I would prepare my students thoroughly for the exam if they are entered in Year 10 as we have a distinctive running programme of preparation throughout the two years. Seems to work for some, though.

    The idea of having CA set as a timetable seems somewhat at odds with the notion that we should be teaching according to the class. Whichever bright spark has done this (and I've heard about it a few times) needs to consider whether all those schools on their local league tables are the same. Having it in a separate room isn't an issue. Having it tied down to a set period to the day; that is.

    In regards to 'sticking to the rules' I think it benefits students to be writing regular CA in regards to the writing and extended reading tasks. However, I think that AQA might need to rethink the Shakespeare task. What do we do, for example, with the student who has missing Shakespeare coursework for literature, and has yet been extensively absent and has therefore received little teaching on Shakespeare? Might it be simpler for them to write a response comparing a scene from Romeo and Juliet the play to Romeo and Juliet the film? Without the 'oral' option, I wonder how schools deal with the issue of massively absent students and the longer CA.

    Gorgeous day today up north, BTW!
  10. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    No it's not correct. The National Curriculum Programmes of Study for English stipulate poetry so it has to be done somewhere.

  11. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    Quite right. Students can take each Unit twice only - 1 plus 1 resit. If they want to take a Unit a third time, they would have to redo the whole qualification, meaning a new set of CAs for the next year.
  12. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    You will not get the January Unit 1 reported in terms of a grade, but you will be able to work it out from the UMS. However, this is in no way a guarantee of the final grade, because this is aggregated across all the elements of the CA and the Unit 1 exam. So, students could do well in the exam and not so well in the CA or vice versa.
  13. I don't see where poetry can be included for English. There is nothing in the exam paper and the CAs have quite specific areas with choices that do not say you need to use any poem. Please direct me to where it says we have to do poetry. Thanks
  14. EmmaBB

    EmmaBB New commenter

    I think there might be wires crossed with the English/Language/Literature specs.
    For Language there is no poetry content, but in Literature there is lots.
    English I presume will include some. However as far as I believe you can't take the Language qual without the lit qual (or at least have studied it). Don't quote me on that though I may be wrong (first for everything!).

  15. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    Poetry must be covered somewhere in any English qualification - legal requirement under the programmes of study. If you are doing the dual cert of English Language + English Literature, poetry is done within English Literature, although you can choose to do a poetry text for the Extended Reading CA.
    If you are doing the stand-alone Engllish, you are required to cover poetry somewhere, along with other cultures, Shakespeare and ELH so you need to juggle the texts to cover all these requirements. You could combine two by doing other cultures poetry or ELH poetry for one of your CA texts.
  16. Thanks a million. I can plan ahead now as I have a clearer picture of what is required. Your help is much appreciated!
  17. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    You're very welcome. Hope it all goes well [​IMG]

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