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Long term now means nothing

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by supply slave, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I've had several calls from agencies offering me long term work. When I enquire what long term means they asy oh 2 weeks to see how it goes. Now that's fine and so the next question - If all goes well how long is the post for - reply - don't know or at least until half term. What a load of cobblers. Long term means, to me at least, a full term and probably even longer.
    Although I only earn a pittance at ASDA at least it is permanent and so won't be unemployed in 2 weeks/6weeks or dare I say it just before the dreaded 12 weeks are up.I won't go anywhere near agencies now as we will be well and truly shafted just before the 12 week pay to scale deadline.Supply is, mostly, dead I'm afraid unless you are prepared to accept uncertainty of work (and depending on location).
  2. Long-term seems to mean 'at least until the end of the week', as far as agencies are concerned.
  3. Geoteach0027

    Geoteach0027 New commenter

    I'm in exactly the same boat supply slave. Agency seems happy enough to give TA work etc a day or ooh maybe 2 a week. I've started to pick up hours in the same supermarket and no block days off as its guarenteed money. Maybe a bws life is the life for me!
  4. It is comforting that I'm not the only one Supply Slave as I have turned down odd days of supply work which would have been half a week in wages (except I guess I would have been paid at the M1 rate). The reason is that my job may be mind destroyingly boring and pays minimum wage but it just about pays the bills and unauthorised absences would mean I would be sacked. It is however better than a promise of a day of teaching and a promise that it 'might'last the two weeks to Easter. Supply Agencies always put a positive spin on things for their point of view and I cannot risk losing the job I have got. Too many times a school has said we want you to the end of term and then decided they want to get rid of you early because they seem to forget year 11 leaves.
  5. I am currently on long term supply and initially was booked for three weeks in February. At present until end of term, possibility of extension until next Feb as covering maternity (however they will need less teachers next year so looking for new work from September as well). I have started my seasonal job Sundays and then full-times over summer and put my part-time teaching at a local private school on to twilight (All A2 classes so my contract ends 21 June - school is happy with this). I did get dropped May half term last year and also had a horrendous pay situation due to the very few working days last April. My feeling is that as the AWR will kick in in June I could get dumped so you always have to have a plan B..... However the go in on a trial basis can turn in to more permenant work and has in the past for me. It is a difficult one and I can see whey you don't want to risk your permenant job -best of luck.

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