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Long term extension to contract on a supply basis

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by katwat, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    My job situation is complex. I work for two different LEAS in three different posts. At one school I work for 1 hour 45 mins on a part time contract. This is to allow the head of department to have ppa. I have been doing one extra period of 35 minutes each week last year, and the head wants this to continue next year. This is on a supply basis for which the school pays £17 per hour. This was at one stage on my contract and I can't actually remember why it was reduced. Also, when it was on my contract I was also entitled to one period of ppa. I no longer am entitled to this despite working exactly the same hours as I did previously. My indignation at the situation is twofold - that I get paid considerably less per hour for the 35 mins supply (I'll be on m6 in sept) and that I was previously entitled to one period ppa and now am not. How can I convince the head to give me a fixed term extension on my contract? This is also disadvantageous as I work on a Monday, and have missed out on several 35mins due to bank holidays etc. Should I contact my union?

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