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long division q

Discussion in 'Primary' started by OG19, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. OG19

    OG19 New commenter

    Old level 5 long division sums always had very satisfying whole numbers as answers; the three examples on the 2016 sample test materials do too i.e. none have a remainder in the answer.

    Is it safe to assume that this will be the case next year or is it just coincidence?
  2. PEmonkey

    PEmonkey New commenter


    Have a look at the master overview materials or the kangaroo maths stuff (both free and based on the same info), it appears that remainders is the thing. teaching division today and although I'm working with mostly whole number si've had to throw some awkward remainder in aswell. they also need to be able to turn these remainders into decimals and fractions - good luck!
  3. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    They also need to know when it's appropriate to record a remainder as a fraction or decimal or when to round up, in the context of word problems.


    How many years is 825 months? (a fraction answer)
    Twelve identical cars weight 825kg - how much does one weigh? (a decimal answer)
    A minibus holds 12 people; how many minibuses are needed for 825 people? (rounding up)
  4. OG19

    OG19 New commenter

    Cheers for the replies. What I should have said is that the three questions I was referring to are in the arithmetic test. They, coupled with the old level 5 sums, are remainder-free. I was just looking for a crumb of comfort for the kids who have to answer all those arithmetic questions in 30 minutes: knowing the division sums give whole answers will help them when checking answers. I'm ok with the real-life rounding up and down etc. Thanks again.

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