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Long answer A level Questions

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by woody1015, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I have been teaching A level for 8 years now and am at a loss to what students have to do to achieve 12 marks in the last question of the AQA AS paper. The national average for this question in May 2011 was 4 out of 12 and in the January paper the national average was 2!!! Does anyone have any examples/ideas of how the students can get full marks?
  2. That's because AQA changed the marking for the long question and somehow neglected to make <strike>a big</strike> any announcement so we could all be fully informed!
    Go onto AQA websiteand look at the last AS and A2 papers and you will find the Mark Schemes have the achievement bands included. Basically at AS in order to achieve 12 marks the student has to make about 18 clear and separate points, using technical terminology as appropriate.
    The average mark my lot got last May was 8, 10 in January! BUT that was because I just happened to find the information by accident and have schooled my lot to within an inch of their lives.
    If you want to know what info they have to give buy a Heinemann book. In the relevant chapters you will see orange boxes of information, these basically equate to the answers to a whole range of questions. Match the box to the Learning Objective and you have a perfect Section B answer!
    I made template for each question, both chapters, using the orange boxes to help me, and students filled them in and then used the to write a model answer. I hated it, they hated it and I have now changed exam boards! Just this years A2s to see through and I won't have to look at another AQA paper again!
  3. I think its a lot to know but dont mind it. After some inset and comparative work i actually think its not as bad as other boards

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