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London supply: How much work can I expect?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by yourenglishteacher, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. How much work is there about London?

    Could I make ends meet working as a supply teacher/TA/...?

    What can I expect? (Rough estimate of the number of days?)
  2. How much work is there about London?

    Could I make ends meet working as a supply teacher/TA/...?

    What can I expect? (Rough estimate of the number of days?)
  3. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    What phase & what subjects can you teach? (as others might have some specific information)
    From what I can see, secondary supply in all but the most unpleasant schools is all but extinct in most of the country and I don't really see a reason why London should be different - the same economics and reading of the regulations that allow heads to employ unqualified cover supervisors apply just as much in London as anywhere else. As a result, even if you're a shortage subject specialist, if you can't get a termly contract covering long term sickness or maternity then you can't expect more than a day or two a month in the early part of any term though the last two weeks are generally OK as schools struggle with sickness & last minute end of term activities for permanent staff.
    Rates are low too. £110ish a day looks about the going rate.
    Primary maybe different.
    (To be honest, I'm pretty pessimistic about the future of supply work.)
  4. My specialty subject is Secondary English, but I have done primary PPA for two years.
    I am flexible and willing to travel!

  5. I have registered with over a dozen agencies in London since last May. So far, I have had two days work offered to me, for neither of which have I yet been paid. I teach two supposed 'shortage subjects', science and maths. I hope this gives you some idea of what you might expect, doing supply teaching in London.
  6. I know someone with 18 years of office based administration experience with a pass diploma in business who did voluntary work in a school for a couple of months last year. Voluntary work in a classroom would entail manual classroom work to assist the teacher. After two months with no C.R.B. etc she approached several agencies in London with stories of how she supervised classes, gave one to one tuition to weaker students in an effort to convince the gullible recruitment consultants that she could be employed as a cover supervisor at the very least. Guess what! They believed all her exaggerated claims. Her only C.R.B.'s were those carried out by the agencies in May. One agency put her forward in June for a teaching job in a school who would consider an unqualified well educated graduate with good teaching experience for the position. Even she admits she did not think it would be so easy to work as an unqualified supply teacher or cover supervisor if required. It would appear turning up extremely well dressed, highly exaggerating your responsibilities and charming your recruitment consultant pays -literally. Since September she has been inundated with work from London agencies who put her forward for short term and long term and permanent positions due to her high level of education and experience. In Education we teach students that it is qualifications, experience, an apprenticeship and working hard that will get you where you want to go in life. However, it would appear you can bypass all that and start at a very high level if you know how to charm your recruitment consultant. It would appear what you say you do is more important than what you actually do. Is a pass diploma a high level of education? Is 2-3 months of classroom presence now teaching experience? Can you start a career in Education as a Cover Supervisor of Unqualified Supply Teacher ? on these posts I read of qualified teachers who are having difficulties gaining supply work etc. I also read of others who have qualifications etc and are working their way up through the system to get where they want to be. As I said earlier others are having a completely different experience thanks to their recruitment consultants
  7. Sounds all to exaggerated? Which agency did she work for? 2-3 months of experience - cant believe it!

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