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London. Anyone working yet?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by tonymars, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. Proyector

    Proyector New commenter

    It is much better now. I am getting work every day thankfully.
  2. lovejoy_antiques

    lovejoy_antiques Senior commenter

    Onto my 7th school day of no work. Dealing with a lot of anxiety about the early morning call scenario. Anxious about not getting the call. Anxious about going somewhere random and what challenges I may face when I get there. Depressed about eroding any savings I have. Anxious about paying the bills next month! I've registered with non teaching agencies for any work but nothing coming from them either (some money coming in would beat no money coming in).

    I left permanent teaching 3 years ago for all the usual reasons, after 11 years in a very challenging school. I have been reasonably lucky with supply so far but I'm beginning to feel my luck is running out.
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  3. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi lovejoy_antiques

    Most of know the feeling - on one hand willing the phone to ring and on the other, wondering where the agency wants you to go and what you will be faced with when you arrive.

    I still say it is early in the term and it will pick up, so try not to worry although I know how difficult it is as I haven't worked for 7 months since my accident. Three months recuperating and four months looking for work.

    You can only do your best and take one day at a time.
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  4. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    Lovejoy. Know the feeling. After a brief time as a supply I've come to the conclusion that it's ok as a sporadic source of loot but if you need it as the equivilent of a full time salary you might struggle. If you can, supplement or explore alternatives. Easy to say I know.

    For myself first day since May. Booked for a week. Mainly bright motivated kids but the school is NOT supply teacher friendly. Exhausted. Kerching.
  5. Jesmond12

    Jesmond12 Star commenter

    I get up at 7am, shower and get dressed then have my breakfast whilst waiting for the phone to ring. Apart from one week on holiday I have been doing this since schools went back.

    By 8am I then stand down knowing that there will be no phone call.

    Tomorrow I might not set the alarm. I bet the phone rings!
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  6. lovejoy_antiques

    lovejoy_antiques Senior commenter

    I started off doing that but today I was lazy, if I'd have got the call I'd have had to scramble around and get there when I could!
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  7. dannirawlings123

    dannirawlings123 New commenter

    Hi. I have handed my notice in and thinking of doing supply from Jan- end of the school year. Currently in Slough so near West London. Done a lot of research but supply seems to have its risks. Do you think in this area and for that period it could be a good option? Thanks
  8. bella2891

    bella2891 New commenter

    I’m in north west London and hve been offered long term posts at schools in Ealing, Hillingdon, Harrow, Camden and Brent so far.

    I would say go for it. By January there will be plenty of work available!
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  9. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    Nothing more for me yet. Have registered with a couple of news agencies but surprise surprise some of the referees are dragging their heels....
  10. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    Hearing of possible places at "unorthodox" schools. Anyone heard of Focus Learning Trust or Plymouth Brethren? Sounds very cult like to me. Or another run by businessmen and ex New Labour bigwigs.
  11. sebastian_paz1

    sebastian_paz1 New commenter

    Is there where you live? I am from another country living here so I am just getting used to to the many different types os schools here, jaja
  12. snoopydo1

    snoopydo1 New commenter

  13. snoopydo1

    snoopydo1 New commenter

    Same here. I reckon heads have been told to pull tight the supply purse strings. One head I know has to reduce this bill by £10,000
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  14. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    Well that solves that then:rolleyes:
    Of course Heads want to reduce the supply bill. It is necessity that forces SLT's hand here, nothing else. But I've made a good income from being a half-decent teacher who comes in after the dirt-cheap options have fallen apart.

    {Puts on Jennifer Aniston voice} "because I'm worth it" but no HT would agree with that statement if they could pay less.
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  15. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    Nothing again for me today, second day into new half term. I do have a longer booking from next week however albeit miles away and very expensive to get to.

    Frankly I'm becoming disillusioned. Maybe I just got lucky last coupla years maybe purse strings are tighter.
  16. sebastian_paz1

    sebastian_paz1 New commenter

    i worked yesterday and was a chance of more work this week, but nothing today. I guess they are trying to save money, meanwhile the school staff probably are overworking. In a school I worked both deputy head were teaching sets in Y5 and Y6,
  17. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Our current head teaches at the moment.

    I still haven't seen any of our usual "regular" supply teachers in yet.
  18. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    @dannirawlings123: I am in Uxbridge, only a few miles from Slough, and day-to-day seems non-existent.

    @bella2891: I have been sounded out about jobs in Ealing, Hillingdon, Harrow, Camden and Brent, too. None of them was a straightforward 'work and get paid' deal. Minimum wage or 'freebies'.
  19. sebastian_paz1

    sebastian_paz1 New commenter

    South London is quite dead also. but it is all about "freebies" is something to do with the agency? Never happened to me.
  20. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    @sebastian_paz1 : 'Freebies' come in many varieties. With the hapless teacher often piggy-in-the-middle between schools and agencies, it is difficult to for him or her to know who is conning whom.

    1. Schools that want to 'test drive', or 'scope', potential staff, expecting them to work unpaid initially. Sometimes this pill is 'sweetened' by the offer to pay you for the trial period if you get taken on, which makes the school's and/or agency's intentions quite plain!

    2. Opportunities to 'put something back', which seem to be aimed at older teachers, who wish to supplement their pensions.

    3. A variation on 1., more applicable to fixed term positions, such as maternity leaves, where you are expected to start several weeks early, on a voluntary basis, to leave the ropes.

    4. Expecting you to do the job of a FT teacher for CS wages.
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