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London. Anyone working yet?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by tonymars, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    The last couple of years I've found work within days at the start of September, but maybe I have been lucky. How are others finding it?

    Also, any thoughts about whether Johnson's vows of cash might filter through to supplies?
  2. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Nothing yet, which is why I'm away on holiday tomorrow. Hope something comes up later on in the term. Strictly speaking, I'm in Essex, but not a million miles away!
  3. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter


    Have a wonderful holiday.
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  4. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Ah, thanks, Pepper! I might check in and/or post if I can lift my head off the sun lounger - who knows? Boys are both at the cattery - I had to brake suddenly on the journey there - nearly had a flattened Jerry as his basket juddered on the back seat. Your story about Paco trying to eat the pork chop was amusing - exactly what Jerry would have done!
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  5. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    Me too Bertie, the idea being I could benefit from off season prices. I could have been fixed up for September if I had committed in the summer term.

    Curious though. And now doubting if the cost savings outweigh the money I could have earned in September.
  6. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Yes, @tonymars, this time of year is definitely a gamble, work wise. I just assumed I wouldn't get anything on day-to-day just yet. It's not just the saving by taking a September holiday, it's also a more pleasant temperature (obviously depending on where you go) and resorts tend to be less crowded out of season. I have also booked two weeks in June....:rolleyes:
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  7. krakowiak6

    krakowiak6 Occasional commenter

    I take it you people own rent free houses in London then if you are on supply with no work yet. I worked in London about 15 years ago on a supply contract and I paid £800 for a room rent. I didn't stay long. You must be signing on I take it with no income?
  8. krakowiak6

    krakowiak6 Occasional commenter

    @BertieBassett2 how can you go on holiday if you have no work? Savings perhaps?
  9. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Well I have my teacher’s pension, no mortgage and savings. I don’t desperately need the work but like to keep my hand in.
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  10. Medina30

    Medina30 New commenter

    I am working in Supply in East London and have been registered with a couple of agencies.So far none of them have offered any day of work this term...Is September the quietest time for Supply teachers? Does anyone know when it actually gets busy...? Any ideas of works I could do in the meantime? Thank you
  11. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi Medina30

    Welcome to the forum.

    I have been a supply teacher for 10 years and from my experience supply will pick up around the half term or just a few days before as the permanent teachers start to feel the stress and strain and need days off. Some people are blessed with work right away because of their subject specialism or other reasons, but generally it will be pick up right before half term. However, every year is different and sometimes there are no set patterns, but if you ask an agency they keep statistics and they could tell you exactly when their busiest periods are.

    This does vary from area to area in the country with some areas having more supply work than others. Also, if you are just starting out, you will have to do a few days to pick up some momentum and then schools will get to know you an ask for you back.

    In the meantime, you could work in a restaurant at the weekends, temp in an office, dog or cat sit, weekend retail work etc. If you have a good deal of spare time on your hands, I would suggest you study to update some of your other skills if you have any particular interests you could turn into work. I have been off work for six months because of an accident and took two course: one in Business and Adminstration and the other in IT. Both were only level 2 but they were free and there are other topics available on www.vision2learn.com

    All the best for a good term with supply.

    Have you been a supply teacher before?
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  12. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    I never thought of that.

    But can you distinguish the honest answer from the "Schools are desperate for a teacher with your skills, if you'd sign with us"? I don't need to tell you the patter once you've helped that agent reach his signing-on target.
  13. pwtin

    pwtin Star commenter

    It is the same old story every year for those on supply...when will work start to come in? Having done supply for 18 years it has usually been as Pepper says a few days before half term. I never bothered waiting for last minute calls for work in the morning until well in to October.
    agathamorse, JohnJCazorla and pepper5 like this.
  14. krakowiak6

    krakowiak6 Occasional commenter

    in the past, going back about 15 years ago, I did half a day's supply at some schools in London travelling from the South Midlands by train and then tube or bus. I did it because I got a full day's rate of £125 and got to the school around 1pm for 2 classes. Don't know why they couldnt have just found a London supply teacher.
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  15. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    £125 for 2 lessons! 15 years ago! Words fail.
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  16. sebastian_paz1

    sebastian_paz1 New commenter

    I signed off for the It course in Vision to learn but the send me a form in PDF and I cannot fill up all the form. Do you need to print it and scanne it after? di you started already (it says 10 hours a week) is that time demanding?
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  17. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    Hi Sebastian_paz1

    Big welcome to the forum.

    The best thing for you to do is to ring the Vision2learn helpline and they will help you with the enrolment application. I have always found their customer service good.

    I have finished the course ( Level 2 IT. There is a Level 1) and would say you would need 10 hours per week to do the assignments. If you are already skilled in using the software and learn quickly, then you may not need 10 hours per week - you could do less.

    The work isn't difficult, but you have to read through quite a few instructions on learning the functions etc. For someone very confident with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it might be too easy as it is all fairly basic. For me it was just right since I knew how to use the software, but needed a refresher and just something to say I have recently updated my skills.

    I found the course tutors marked the work quickly and were always helpful and able to answer any queries. Once you get a grip with the learning platform, it is all straightforward.

    Once you start studying, let me know what you think.

    The best part is the courses are all free and I am very grateful for that.
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  18. ABCCBA123321

    ABCCBA123321 Occasional commenter

    In the past it's been dead the first half term - unless you were a known face at a regular school and then picked up a bit. Unless there were things like big initiatives and curriculum changes requiring more staff time out of school, or a nice obliging Icelandic volcano that had various teachers trapped abroad on their holidays (my phone rang off the hook then it was so busy). Gradually as money's got tighter and requirements to cover classes have reduced to the level of a pulse and once went to a maths lesson when they were 14 the work has taken longer and longer to start coming in each year - to the point that not only September, but October was becoming a write-off.

    I'm not even looking this year - I'm going back to uni.
  19. bella2891

    bella2891 New commenter

    I’m based in north west London. I’ve had several offers for long term positions and mat leave posts but I’m just looking for daily supply at the minute so turned them down.
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  20. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    All the best ABC for your uni course. Probably a wise move.

    At least there is long term work for those who want it in London, so that is a bit of good news.

    I am still thinking about supply and am looking for things outside of it, but I cant not work at all much longer so we shall see.
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