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local greed syllabus- norfolk

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by nat987, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. nat987

    nat987 New commenter

    I am about to start at uea and I have been reading the norfolk agreed syllabus and i find it a bit vague. i wondered what people thought of norfolks or any other local agreed syllabus around the country and how helpful/easy they find it when planning.
  2. You want to see my diocesan one if you think LEA ones are vague! I don't mind it really as it gives you more flexibility to teach what you want :)
    Good luck for your PGCE
  3. I'm from Cambridgeshire- our syllabus was suppose to be designed for AT2 learning FROM religion but it's very wordy and it is more, ironically, AT1 based. Tbh I teach what I want to teach and look if there are Themes or Strands that cover it. My Agreed Syllabus is really redundant!!
  4. The Norfolk syllabus is currently being rewritten. It will be heavily focussing on concepts. It should also be more teacher friendly in format for planning.
    Remember, a syllabus is there for guidance. In my years of teaching RE I have NEVER been asked to show how I cover every element of the syllabus.
    Good luck[​IMG]

  5. It is really wise to read the Agreed syllabus beforehand so you know the sorts of topics you may need to cover, but the Agreed Syllabus on its own will seem vague - once you are on placement and see the schemes your Head of Department has (if they have any!) you can look at the Agreed Syllabus again to decide which key questions you could address for AT1 and AT2.
    I did my PGCE at UEA and the tutor there is brilliant - you will have guidance on the course about how to plan, how to use the Agreed Syllabus and so on, but seeing schemes in schools will make it a lot clearer as it is a bit more concrete once you can see how it is used. As Egyptiangirl said, the syllabus is being rewritten so you will probably get some guidance on what it is likely to include too. I know that the RE subject adviser for Norfolk will be involved with parts of your course so ask her if you are unsure about things too.

    Have fun!
  6. nat987

    nat987 New commenter

    thanks so much for the advise

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