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Local Authority Role - pay and conditions

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by CinnamonGirl, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. I've seen some interesting 'school improvement' type vacancies with local authorities which are paid on the Soulsbury pay scale.

    Does anyone know what the annual leave is likely to be for this type of role?

  2. I think it is Soulbury.
    I believe the leave is around 6 weeks annually.
  3. Have just found this through google from NUT, only takes a couple of minutes of looking:

    Annual Leave <font face="Arial">- Local government services staff are entitled to a minimum paid</font> annual leave entitlement of twenty days with a further five days after five years
    patterns. The annual leave entitlement of employees leaving or joint an
    authority is proportionate to their completed service during that leave year.
    Employees under the local government scheme are also entitled to two extra
    statutory days holiday; paid leave of absence will also be granted for those
    undertaking jury service or serving on public bodies or undertaking public duties;
    and maternity support leave of 5 days with pay shall also be granted to the
    child&rsquo;s father or the partner or nominated carer of an expectant mother at or
    around the time of birth. The Union is aware that many Soulbury members have
    difficulty in taking annual leave during term time and persuaded the local
    authority employers to advise local authorities not to restrict unreasonably
    requests for leave from Soulbury officers during term time.

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