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Local Authority Appreciation of Staff

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by londinius, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. londinius

    londinius New commenter

    Just thought I'd share this one. I work in a secondary school which is closing at the end of this year, to amalgamate with 2 others within the authority, and open on a brand new site, in a new facility. All of this is now genuinely exciting - so far so good.

    However, last year was an extremely difficult and stressful time for staff of all three schools - despite assurances that pretty much all of the teaching staff would have jobs in the new school. None of us knew which jobs we'd have, for example, and most of us had to go through a stressful interview process. At the same time as we were going through this, we were inspected, as were two other secondary schools within our authority.

    The local authority promised us that counselling would be set up for and available for all members of staff. Didn't happen, and still hasn't happened.

    We received an excellent inspection report. As a staff, we have had no contact from the authority to congratulate us on what was an amazing achievement considering the stress we have all been under.

    Nice to know you're valued, isn't it?

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