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Loading multiple PDFs

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by WeTeachWell, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. WeTeachWell

    WeTeachWell New commenter

    This has probably been answered and I did look.
    I am trying to work out how to upload a number of pdfs in one package.

    This is not a bundle as I don't want to upload them individually. Is this possible?


  2. A1EnglishResources

    A1EnglishResources New commenter

    Hi Carolyn, I think you can just upload them the usual way - just keeping adding more files, if that makes sense!
  3. WeTeachWell

    WeTeachWell New commenter

    yeah I tried that but it wants me to put in prices and I don't have prices for individual bits. If I zip them then I don't have a picture.

    A1EnglishResources likes this.
  4. Littlesherbetlemon

    Littlesherbetlemon Occasional commenter

    One way to get round this is by still making a zip file so all your pdfs are altogether but then making some jpegs or pngs of your resources. I made a zip file to contain 5 pdfs but that didn't help anyone see what I was selling so I uploaded some of the pngs I make when I save my work as a pdf. (I do all my work in PP, save them as pngs then save those pngs as a pdf) Then I simply click on the 'other' option which comes up when uploading a new resource. You could always make a video to show your resources. It is a bit long winded but I felt that I was able to show people what they were getting from quite a big pack.
  5. WeTeachWell

    WeTeachWell New commenter

    Thanks for that. That is helpful.

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