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LO has stopped eating solids

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Bumblybee, May 22, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    LO is 7.5 months and up until a few days ago, was eating porridge and fruit for breakfast, mashed veg and meat/ egg and toast/ cheese on toast etc for lunch (with fruit or yoghurt for dessert) and whatever we have for dinner (thai curry/ lasagne/cottage pie etc with fruit or yoghurt for dessert). There'd usually be one meal a day when she wasn't hungry or in the mood to be spoon fed, but she'd often settle for toast fingers with cheese or finger food pieces of veg. If I offered her bf after every meal, she would have some. But generally wouldn't 'ask' for a bf other than morning and late afternoon/evening. This was working out perfectly as I'm due back to work in a couple of weeks and LO refuses to drink milk from a bottle (although she has warm water from a bottle with her meals).
    As of three days ago, she won't have more than 2 baby spoons of solid food at any time. I've tried her with everything. She absolutely loves thai curry but is even turning her head away from that. She's back to having a bf every 3 hours and seems happy and active so I'm not stressing too much. I know HV say that up until 1, food is 'for fun'.
    Obviously with me going back to work, I would be happier knowing she was eating whilst I'm away. I'm back full time for 6 weeks and she'll have to be without me for 9 hours/day. I just wondered if anybody else has experienced this with their LO? She was such a good little eater - and to just suddenly stop seems odd to me.
    Thanks in advance,
    Bumbly x
  2. My LO is 9 months old and he has gone through what you are describing a few times and each time it has been related to teeth or a cold. I think when they are teething it may hurt them to eat solids and they revert back to the comfort of BF (I also BF). It lasted with us about 4-5 days or so. We found he would take really smooth stuff from a spoon after a day or so - yoghurt or a fruit pot for example. Then gradually we'd start offering the more 'solid' stuff again and he would go back to the way he was before. I hope that helps. I know it can be worrying when you have the goal of going back to work - I am going back in about a month too.
    I am sure your LO will be back to her old self in no time x
  3. Bumblybee - my LO (9months) has also gone through this. He started off eating really well and would happily eat anything given - mainly finger foods as he's not keen on being spoon fed. Then we reached a point not long ago where he wouldn't eat that much. It is improving again and he is even taking some food off a spoon as well. He is teething though so it could be this with your LO. He has both bottom teeth and his top 2 have cut but are not all the way through. You might find it improves after a few more days. My LO will also not have a bottle. Have you tried milk in a sippy cup? Just in case she wants milk when you are back at work?
  4. They do that if they are feeling a bit under the weather.
  5. Thanks so much ladies for taking the time to write back. Your advice really helped to stop me worrying so much. LO is thankfully eating again!
    Missimpatient - we tried gradually introducing her back onto solids like you suggested. Started off on plain foods and then gradually varied the tastes. Going back to work is stressful enough without LO refusing to eat. I hope your transition back to work isn't too stressful.
    Lohman - like you said, her eating improved after a few days. And LO has started taking milk from a bottle (woohoo!), which means hubby now has the pleasure of night feeds. Bliss!
    Brettgirl2 - LO didn't seem off colour but she's such a cheery little thing that it takes a lot to dampen her spirits. Maybe she did have a pain.
    Thanks again,

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