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Living willow sculptures

Discussion in 'Primary' started by porker, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. porker

    porker New commenter

    Just wondering if anyone has experience of these and, if so, what are the pitfalls? Do they take a lot of maintenance?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. We did this last year for our creative partnerships project.
    When planting it you have to put some of that matting down that stops weeds, then make holes to plant the living willow. Once its all planted it is meant to be re-weaved/pruned every so often but to be honest we planted ours about a year ago and I havent touched it since - it has sporuted and is looking a bit messy but still suffices.
    Im not a gardener and left most of the project to the artist that was working with us.
  3. byjingo

    byjingo New commenter

    We had some willow domes planted about 6 years ago, our head was very keen on having as much natural and green stuff around the children as poss. Unfortunately we had a very hot dry summer and the willows were not watered sufficiently. I think that this has to be a consideration. Do you have anyone who can water them in the summer weeks?
    In the end they were taken up by the next head teacher as they were looking more and more sorry for themselves.
    They are a lovely idea but there has to be someone who is willing to take respoonsibility for them once the novelty has worn off.
  4. When I was at primary school we had two wigwams and a tunnel planted. The tunnel was tall enough for the average sized year 6 to walk through easily, and was in the shape of two 'c's alongside the playground.
    My back garden backs onto the school fields, and 11 years on the willows are still there!
    JSY x
  5. porker

    porker New commenter

    Thanks everyone for all your help. Lots of useful info. I think we might give it a go!

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