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Living in Shanghai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by espoir, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Have been offered a job in shanghai. Job comes with accomodation and what seems like a good salary etc. Any advice on the cost of living, social scene etc in Shanghai? Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  2. Have been offered a job in shanghai. Job comes with accomodation and what seems like a good salary etc. Any advice on the cost of living, social scene etc in Shanghai? Any advice would be very much appreciated!
  3. Hi! You lucky thing! I live in Shangers, have been now for two years. It is a wonderful place, plenty of things to do. The social scene is crazy, you can eat from as cheap as you want to any food from any country resturant. Their is a massive expat community, you can play footy, rugby, netball, well any sport really. We have great concerts, Eric Clapton was here last month. I ave watched the Tennis open, F1, football, international athletics, rugby and a few minor sports. Shoppong is out of this world and for travelling - well shanghai is easy and so is the rest of China, this country is truelya wonderful place. Foe money, well I get paid 1400 pounds a month, and came with nothing in the bank, in my two years this Chinese New Year is only the second holiday i have spent in Shanghai. On my wages i have bteavelled to over 15 places in Chins, Thialand, Malayasia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kongand am planning to go to Korea soon, all these places and I am not over drawn, so chea place I guess so. I also eat out most nights and drink moderatly. Come and join us for a wonderful experience.

  4. Dirty, polluted, cold in winter...hate it!
  5. chinarich

    chinarich New commenter

    Last year I completed 2 years at the British school in Pudong. Shanghai is great- I have moved on to KL and miss many aspects- great restaurants the main thing. Travelling out of Shanghai is easy although it is more expensive than other Asian cities. But holiday prospects are fab, easily fill up 2 years.
    Weather is cold in winter but our friends who still live there said this winter was quite mild. Summer is hot and humid so best to travel elsewhere. We loved it and recommend it to most people. Most of the schools are less than 10 years old so they are still establishing themselves...
  6. Thanks ever so much for the information. Am nervous but excited. what is the tax like? i have a friend who lived in hong kong for while where after two years there is a tax rebate but the tax is very low there. is it similar in china?
  7. My dad worked there for two years. Fabulous place! you willlove it. I want to go!
  8. School pays your tax, don't worry about it. What school you coming to? You should be excited! I am every day i wake up and think "Bo i am in China, and Shanghai to boot" It is a special place, anyone who gets board in Shanghai is just a snob who wants to be waited on hand a foot! It is a grat place for anything I mean anything you want to do. I LOVE IT,as you my well of noticed.

    Soncar (Shanghai)
  9. Soncar should write blurbs for travel magazines and learn how to spell before he submits anything. It's embarassing to think what he writes on the blackboard for his students.
    All the major cities in China are heavily polluted. The students while diligent are quick to complain if they fail an exam. The country is interesting and a great place to work for a short time but it also has serious employment, social, political, economic and pollution problems which nobody in the government seems able to address.
    The classrooms are not strewn with petals and the students are not all little angels just dying to learn.
  10. Blackboard! Wow! I do not even remember them, and I was taught in Gualin, even we had white boards! However, I now understand that maybe you are an old and bitter person who thinks life owes a living to. Unlike your self, I have not got my head stuck up somewhere it hurts, i see the good in life, and will pray for you that you overcome your bullyish attitude, and hope the children in your care remain safe from any of your bitterness. As for spellings, well please write to me in Manderin, and see how you get on! In fact Japenese if you like, I can do both! As for my class, well, i don't need to write Manderin in English, so I guess the do ok, but thanks for the advice. Oh yeah I did see a blackboard once in Croydon, dusty looking things. Well I better go and put me mask on and wade through all that pollution lol.
  11. LOL Thank you soncar, we need people like you, and not some of these bitter fools.

    I was in Shanghai in the late 90s. I loved every second of it, given the chance I would jump at the opportunity to go again.

    ps: I hope my spellings are ok, any mistakes I will write 100 times on a black board, "I must learn to spell"
  12. Yeah, I'm afraid, 10001, it may be time to take stock. I hope you aren't still in China.
  13. Anyone know anything about Shanghai United International School? I've been offered a job there!
  14. sorry i did not mean to start an argument! thanks to all of you for your replies. soncar you sound incredibly enthusiastic about the place! congrats on the number of languages you speak. as a languages teacher i have learned to look beyond spelling to how amazing it is to be able to communicate in another language. it's nice to get a balanced view from all of you though. since i am currently in london, disaffected pupils, pollution and strange decisions by the government (oyster cards and congestion charge) will come as no surprise and however different it is i am eager to experience new things! the job is at biss puxi/pudong which seems incredible. as i am still awaiting contract details does anybody know if accomodation comes with furniture (especially a washing machine!)? strange question i know but i have never shopped for furniture in my life and do not want to break the habit! thanks again for your advice.
  15. Hi and thanks for your comments. Anyway, Biss which is a school I know well (through sport) does give fully furnished accomodation, including washing machine and dryer. Has a few drinks round friend's house, and I was pretty impressed. What school you going for, Puxi or Pudong? Both seem good schools but opposite ends of this large large city! Please ask any questions, it does not worry me how simple or strange they may sound to you.

    Booboo, well I have to let you down on Shanghai United, as I have not been their, as they do not seem to be too active in the sport scene! Which doed not of course make them a bad school, I just dont know them too well. But as said before, your coming to a great city!
  16. 10001 you slag off soncar for being unable to spell then promptly spell embarrassing wrong in your next sentence. Cool.

    Shanghai is a wonderful place to live and work.
  17. Soncar, Your enthusiasm is addictive - nice one.
    Arbitrator, Well spotted

    Wish I was joining you in Shangai (oops dropped my h's again)
  18. China has massive,social,political and economic problems. Its growth projections are not sustainable. It has a gender imbalance in its population due to its one child policy and the traditional preference for baby boys. In many areas the air is now unbreathable and the water undrinkable because of the pollution caused by the breakneck rush for economic growth. Unions are forbidden in schools and there is no sick leave. Most of the expat staff are geriatric and only there because they cannot afford to retire. But hey, don't listen to me. Come along and have a party in sunny Shanghai. It's really great. There is lots to do. Everybody is so friendly. You'll never look back.
  19. max5775

    max5775 New commenter

    Well said reecy. I too ove it in Shanghai. You do meet the odd boor but we are weeding them out. It is no more polluted than any other big city really. 10001 it is time for you to leave methinks!
  20. Hi Espoir,

    I had to add my opinion of Shanghai. I lived and worked there for a year in 2003-2004. My experience of Shanghai was fairly negative. I have to say this is partly because I was at a newly-opened school, which housed us not too close to the centre (Minhang), and partly because I am a person who doesn't thrive well in huge megalopolises of over 20 million people. But mainly it was the sense of also being totally alien. If you are ready for extreme culture shock and are able to shut out the noise of people hawking and spitting all the time, the constant staring and laughing and pointing at the you (the 'Laowai'), the dreadful air quality, then you'll have a great time. I am not knocking the exotic feel of the place. I lived in Thailand for two years and absolutely loved it. I just think the Shanghainese aren't the friendliest people.

    On the plus side there is good nightlife, the town looks like Bladerunner at night, you can at least do some decent shopping. I just wanted to give you something else to chew on as so many on here give the impression the place is some kind of utopia.

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