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Living in Birmingham for BCU uni

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by eannie, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi honey7833
    I work in Birmingham and live just on the outskirts in Sutton Coldfield. Commuting time on the train from Sutton to Birmingham is approx 25 minutes. Erdington is on the same train line as Sutton, so will take about 10 minutes to New Street Station. Geographically, Erdington is right next to Sutton.
    Your placements could realistically be anywhere in the Birmingham area - placing yourself in Erdington, puts you slightly to the north of the city, although the transport links are good. There are also plenty of buses to the city centre.
    I'm assuming you have a car for commuting to your work placements? Training it to placement isn't ideal as many schools aren't within walking distance of a train station - also, it might be difficult lugging all your marking on public transport!
    Erdington isn't known to be one of the nicest areas in Birmingham but it is popular for the student rental market. It has a fairly good shopping area with indoor market and you can commute by train to the city centre quickly and cheaply.
    It all depends on your budget really! People locally often moan about Birmingham, but I think it's a great city with loads to offer. Make the most of your time here - we have lots to offer!
    Good luck in your search
  2. Having lived in Birmingham all my life I would agree with most of what eannie says. However, I don't think Erdington is a bad area. Compared to some of the other areas nearer the uni it is great. Your only alternative would be somewhere like Great Barr which is more residential but still with good links to the uni.Alternatively look at Mosely or Kings Heath if you want decent pubs and don't mind 2 buses every day to uni.
    Good luck
  3. Erdington, great barr, perry barr (the walsall road side). I lived in perry barr for 4 years and currently live in new oscott which is also accessible for uni. The the bus links are quite good, i personally wouldn't bother with the trains as the distances aren't worth the cost. Getting to uni won't be an issue for these areas, but remember that for placement they can put you anywhere. My first placement cost me £10 per day to get to on public transport, they do their best to place u as locally as possible but in alot of cases it is not always possible - so be prepared to travel quite far for placement. I would advise cars for placement personally if you have a choice. Also as a general aside, BCU sometimes struggle initially for placement so don't be suprised if if some people don't have placements straight away - they get there eventually though. Are you doing Primary, Secondary or Early Years?

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