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Living in Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by frees1spirit, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    Which school?? I live in AD but am moving schools in September...
  2. I'm moving out in September, can't wait!
  3. looks like there is gonna be quite a few of us out there at this rate!
  4. What else do you know about general life there?.......as an american, can I walk around in a tshirt and shorts? Are there "neighborhoods"? English/american/english speaking? As a young teacher moving there...are there lots of progressive social circles available?
  5. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    Check out TimeOut Abu Dhabi and AD MeetUp Group for an idea of what's on offer and what to do.
    There are areas in AD just like any city but no area is exclusively English speaking as far as I am aware. I live in a 10 floor building with all sorts of nationalities from Western to local to East Asian. English is widely spoken but it is always good to learn a few words as the local shopkeepers seem to appreciate you making the effort.
    Not sure if you are male or female. If you are the latter consider the local customs and respect that it is not appropriate to reveal too much flesh in public places.
    On the other hand, not everything you read about AD is accurate.
  6. been reading timeout quite a bit lately seriously excited about getting out there now, school has told me flights are being sorted this week and all documentation pretty much done now so it finally feels real!
  7. I've been in Abu Dhabi for the last two and half years, love it! Any questions pm me and i'll try and answer!
  8. I too am moving out to Abu Dhabi, to teach secondary. Would love to find any others who are teaching at my school (PM me your schools, please) or any others. Is there anyone who is moving there this August with a non teaching spouse and young child ? it would be great to know anyone else who is there.
  9. English is everywhere in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. A fair degree of Gulf Arabic (don't even bother learning MSA - they don't speak it here) is useful if you go outside of those two cities. The expat community is huge, and you're not prohibited from doing anything you would do in your own country as long as you're respectful and inconspicuous.
    Tshirt and shorts are fine.
    Nothing here is what I would call "progressive". Be prepared to see some shocking things in terms of treatment of unskilled workers from the subcontinent...be prepared to see fellow Americans renounce our cultural values (equality, fairness, etc.) in exchange for the ease of the servitude culture...and don't turn into one of them.
    In general, Abu Dhabi is aggravating and has the worst climate on the entire planet for eight months out of the year. If you are working for ADEC, I would suggest taking a post in Al Ain.

  10. I've been out in Abu Dhabi for a year so far, teaching in a primary school. Live right in the city and having a great time. Am happy for anyone to PM if they have any questions.
  11. Hi

    It is a great city! We love it out there! Great for families especially. This website might help you with some of the questions you have http://www.yourabudhabiguide.com
    PM if you need specific things....
  12. hi im ru from the uk

    I was just reading some comments in the forum and read you were of to AD. As its been a few years, i presume you may be there now?

    How is it? would you recommend it?


  13. frees1spirit

    frees1spirit New commenter

    Yes I am in AD now. This is my second year and I will probably stay a 3rd year.
    It is not the most exciting place in the world but it is okay living here. It is a very easy and comfortable life. It is very easy to save as well.
    My 1st year was difficult as I was working much harder than I am used to or liked. At Christmas, I joined the Club which made AD much more tolerable. This year, school has been a bit easier so far.
    Are you moving to AD or are you here?

  14. Hello,
    I'm considering coming out next year, I have looked at the websites that you suggested and looked at this forum, but I would really love to hear a first hand account (I'm single, late 20s and thought we might have a similar outlook on life!)
    So, can you tell me about the process of getting there, what your first few days were like and what a typical week is like for you?
    Any info you can give me would be fab, if you'd rather not spill everything about your life on public forum I do understand but I would really appreciate it [​IMG]
  15. frees1spirit

    frees1spirit New commenter

    I will send a messge to your inbox.
  16. Be prepared for a lenghthy wait, anything up to ten weeks once/if you receive your offer letter. This is the case for LT and the advisory role. Take a visit to the teachaway facebook discussion section. Many teachers have been delayed by weeks and months prior to flying out and have been left in a very difficult situation.

    Be warned and have a back up plan and don't sell up or even leave your job until your visa and flights have been confirmed, which could be a while. You have been warned.
  17. Hi,

    I hope you don't mind me messaging you. I have just got through to final interview for teaching over there. I'm really considering it but I'm a bit concerned about social life and school hours/workload. Can you please let me know any thoughts you have on these?

  18. si_forestiero

    si_forestiero New commenter

    Hi there

    My wife and I are giving serious consideration to moving to Abu Dhabi. I teach secondary (Design & Technology) and would greatly value any opinions regarding living and teaching in AD.

    I've read wildly varying opinions online. Particularly the difference between working for State schools via ADEC and private British/US institutions. Some stories I've read about westerners working in State schools are terrifying!!

    It will (obviously) be a massive deal to 'up sticks' and want to be as sure as we can be that we're making the right move. Any info about private school teacher accommodation (for married couples), anyone that's taken a pet away with them, and the day-to-day of teaching & living there would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  19. ecoartist

    ecoartist New commenter

    Hi, I see you are working in Abu Dhabi. I was wondering what it is like to work there? I read so many confusing messages!!
  20. ecoartist

    ecoartist New commenter

    Hi, I was wondering if its possible to save some serious money there as I read many different messages saying totally opposite things.

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