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Living and Teaching in Norway - How long after completing a PGCE?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by tifur, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I'm about to do a PGCE Primary course in September. I'm also currently learning Norwegian, have friends in Norway and have a strong wish to live and work there.

    How viable is it to be able to teach there? I assume the PGCE will be recognised by international schools that teacher under the British system. What about the Norwegian state system? Is a PGCE recognised or would I have to top up to an MA and build up my Norwegian to Bergen test level?

    How long after my NQT year could I feasibly teach in an international school? Any advice on teaching and living in Norway (particularly the west coast) would be greatly appreciated.

    Mange takk!


  2. Hi
    Did you ever move to Norway? Are you teaching there now? I might also have to move to Norway next year due to my husband's work? I am a qualified teacher and have been working in London for 3 years. Any advice, help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I have a conversational grasp of Norwegian Bokmal having been with my Norwegian husband 10years and living and working in Sweden on and off. However, I was curious about which Norwegian language qualification would be best to take in the UK before I live and work in Norway? / Or what prep should I be doing in the UK before my move end of 2014. When I lived in Sweden, I was encouraged to do a TISUS exam, but never did. The thing is I'm an experienced secondary school Art and Design teacher in London, qualified with QTS since 2002, and would like a similar role in the Oslo area. My husband already lives and works there. Any help or advice greatly appreciated. I will need to work and earn a similar salary over there as I have 2 young children.

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