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Living an Anxious Life

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by anon4561, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Has anyone else read "The Little Book of Anxiety... Living an Anxious Life" by Kerri Sackville?

    It's not a self-help book, and it's not a novel... it's just the author's autobiographical description of living with anxiety

    I absolutely loved it! Her descriptions of her husband coming home late from work, by which time she was a weeping widow, planning his funeral were hilarious, and totally understandable to someone like me who suffers from this condition

    It's not written to help you with your anxiety... but makes you feel more 'normal'

    I'd highly recommend it

    Annie x
  2. Hi, I think I should read this. The example above is me exactly. I don't want to be a worrier, I know it's pointless, but I still do it. My two daughters aged 18 have just been out in the car for around 20 minutes. After 15 minutes I started to think about large lorries, wet roads etc. I was positively relieved when they came back, this seems to be a constant state of mind which no-one but me knows about. Thanks, if it makes me feel normal this will be great.
  3. Thanks for replying! She deals with the subject matter in a very flippant humerous style... it's not aimed to help the condition, but gives some fascinating insights. I felt a huge relief after reading it. She describes how your thoughts can go from "late" to 'dead' in what she calls "one fluid moment" ... I do this all the time! I only have to see a truck coming towards me on the highway, and within seconds I'm imagining what songs they'll be singing at my funeral....
  4. Hi, you sound just like me, every motorway journey has it's 'I'm going to die' moments. I'm going to take one of the daughters back to uni in half an hour so it will be more of the same even though my o/h is driving - when I'm driving I'm even worse! I'll get the book, I probably wouldn't read it if it was a 'self help' type thing, I much prefer the flippant approach. Hope they have it on Amazon.
  5. I hope you can get it.. and hope you're not disappointed. I found myself laughing aloud at it, in a "Oh, this sounds just like me!" type of way.It really struck a chord

    I've posted before about having cyclothymic disorder (long periods of depression followed by slightly more 'energetic' times), and then I have the anxiety thrown in, just to make life more interesting for me.....
  6. Annie - have you had the anxiety for a long time or did it sneak in alongside all the other delights of menopause? I'm convinced it's related and with reference to my HRT advice many women say their anxiety is lessened when on HRT. Just a thought. [​IMG]
  7. Nope! Anxiety as a teenager... first depressive episode in my mid 20's, realization that my 'happy' periods were a bit happier than most people's happy episodes, leading to a diagnosis of 'cyclothymic' a bit later.... and now menopause.... I have a good insight into my depressive episodes.. so I cope. Don't cope so well with the anxiety though... it's a killer
  8. Ooh, all my sympathies, it's a tough old time the big M.
  9. Thanks! I realize that on paper I'd sound like a bit of a mess... with the cyclothymic disorder, the anxiety, and menopause for the last two years.... but it's sort of alright. I cope! I understand that the depressive episodes aren't 'real', and my wish to die at these times is probably not realistic. At this moment in time I'm in the more energetic/happy phase of my mood disorder... I also know that is not 'real'.... oh, but it feels good! [​IMG]

    It's my life... it's part of who I am, and there is a little rational part of my brain, that observes all that I go through, and thinks "Oh, here we go again...!

    I control and mask it well... I appear quite 'normal' in RL, and most people wouldn't know....

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