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Little niggly things...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by redredred, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Patting my leg while saying 'Miss, Miss, Miss'
    Crying for no real reason apart from attention seeking
    Sitting down on the carpet facing the wrong way (!!!!I' OVER HERE DEAR CHILDREN!!)
    Constantly calling out daft things

    Did I mention I have Reception?

    You forget how dependent they are at the start of the year.....
  2. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    so and so did this
    so and so did that
    but i didnt get a turn
    should i put my bag on my peg
    so and so did this!!!!!!!
  3. 'When I've stuck the sheet in, should I start working on it?' asked a very clever Y5 today.
    'No, best not,' I replied. 'Please just sit and do nothing...'
    'Great!' he smiled, before noticing the death glare and fixed smile on my face...
    'Oh, I'll get on with it then,' he mumbled.
    'Good plan!'
  4. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Ohh so familiar! <BR>
    The best is when someone starts crying because you told them off, and a helpful person comes to tell you that that person is crying. "Yes I know thank you." then a second later, another person comes. "Yes, I already know that." then another comes "Yes thank you." then another "Yes." then another "RIGHT! I KNOW SO AND SO IS CRYING, HE IS CRYING BECAUSE I TOLD HIM NOT TO DO WHAT HE WAS DOING!" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. The kids haven't annoyed me at all yet, i've had most of them for a year already so know them well though and they're a nice bunch.
    The Niggly things that ARE getting to me are all staff/ICT related.
    No, I cant fix your printer whilst im teaching.
    Yes, I know there's no ink, would you like me to personally fetch it from the supplier?
    No, there's not enough money for a new projector.
    No, I cant sort that laptop out that you have sent over with a child, because I am teaching my own class.
    Oh, hello new ICT technician that has been sent over by the office staff - of course I can drop everything im doing, and abandon my class to show you around.
    I nearly had a meltdown today but have just got to learn to say NO!
    • Sitting on the carpet tucked behind the tray unit so they can't see me.
    • Sitting on the carpet right by the door....so tempting to leave them there to be knocked as someone comes in as they've already been warned, but daren't do so just in case.
    • Giving me a blank look when I ask "What should you be doing?" when caught out not doing what they should.
    • Coming into school to hang their belongings up or to ask for jobs to do when they should be out on the yard.
    • Thinking I want to spend my breaktime reading their 40 page long holiday diary.
    • Sitting with pencil in hand doing nothing while others are busy writing the date and title and getting started.
    • Suddenly completing the required amount of sums/sentences entirely in the last 10 mins of the lesson once threatened with having to stay in to finish off. (Importance of staying in completely lost when it then lashed down and the whole class ended up staying in).

      Actually, that said, my current class are not as bad at this point as my previous class were at the same time.
    The only way is up!
  6. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Are you my teacher now?
    Is it breaktime/lunchtime/hometime yet?
    Am I in Year 3?
    Should I tuck my chair in?
    How do I go to the toilet?
    What do I do if I haven't brought a snack?
    What do I do if I haven't brought a coat?
    What do I do if I haven't brought my own pencil case?
    Can I use a rubber?
    Do I still have to go to Assembly now that I am in Year 3?
    When you say "sit on the carpet", do we actually have to sit on the carpet?

  7. children who pick away at their brand new gymshoes till they begin to flap.
    "What do I do now- I've run out of room on the page?"
  8. I can't undo my buttons x15 (y3)!
    Can I go to the toilet? 5 mins after lunch (then they all need to go) :(
  9. zugthebug

    zugthebug New commenter

    Y1 - where is my jumper?
    teacher - where did you leave it?
    Y1 - I don't know, why haven't you got it?

    plus, Y1 - I don't like you i want to go back to my other teacher (if only)
  10. Thank you all - you've made me feel like it's not just me!
    A MUCH better day today, despite practice PESE tests.
  11. <u> Yr 1</u>
    Child (crying) - I can't find my jumper!
    Me - Where did you put it? Did you put it in the jumper box like I asked?
    Child - No. I don't know.
    Me - Explains to parent at home time why their child is crying.
    Mum - He didn't put his jumper on this morning. It's at home!

    Child 1 - so and so hit me
    Me - why did you hit him?
    Child 2 - yeah but...
    Yeah but what? [​IMG]

    Some of my favourite one-liners from children this week...
    but why
    can I play yet?
    is it hometime?
    is it lunchtime? (straight after lunch!)
    need a poo
    can't do it [​IMG]
    Miss, miss, miss, miss (accompanied by tapping)
    I didn't!

    But all in all, a pretty good start to the year!
  12. Being called "Miss" 600 times a day by the same handful of Year 1s in my class, despite repeatedly being told that "Miss" is just what you use for women teachers. Almost as annoying is when they remember my gender half way through and it turns into "Miss....ter Brown".
  13. First time in Year 3 from year 6 and I've already had the what I thought was an urban myth:

    child - 'I've reached the end of the line'
    me - 'So?'
    child - 'but I can't fit the word sausages on'
    me (trying to keep calm) - well try the next line..

    AND from a different child:

    child - I've finished
    me - but you haven't finished your sentence yet
    child - but I've got no more room on the page
    me - (turning purple) - let's turn over the page shall we....

    OMG...think I'm going to have a coronary.
  14. This little list (& all the other posts) has just made me feel so much better! Moved from Yr 6 to Yr 1 and its my 1st time in KS1 - talk about shock to the system!! Constant tapping and INCESSANT "I need a wee wee" ... thought I was trapped in my own personal hell but apparently this is not an isolated phenomenon!!
  15. funkyfairy2004

    funkyfairy2004 New commenter

    I got married in the holiday so no one knows what to call me and I don't answer to my new name which is quite confusing, strangle I've been called Mrs B for years when I was a Miss and now the can all manage Miss and can't call me Mrs P!! My new children are very confused, they don't know who the others mean when they call me Miss B!!

    My favourite new child keeps trying to change the timetable...
    "Miss, i don't want to do maths now, lets sing the french song instead"
    "Miss, do we have to go to assembly, can't we just sing the french song?"
    etc ect

    One boy stabbed a pencil into a rubber today and then the lead snapped off.
    "how did that happen?"
    "I dropped my pencil and it fell into the rubber and snapped off"
    Are you sure you didn't stab the rubber with the pencil?"
    (child sat next to him) "I saw him miss he said die die and the pencil snapped"
    "Oh dear"
    cue crying from him and the uncontrollable urge to giggle!!
    I love my year 1's already!!
  16. eread1

    eread1 New commenter

    - the whole lesson coming to a stand still because a wood louse has crawled under a neighbouring table
    - the constant talking
    -'miss, my book isn't on this table!!!' ... that's because that's not your table!!!!
    - no it is not lunch time
    - no it is not PE today (we even have a visual timetable!)
    my darling Year 1s!
  17. Ah I couldn't count the number of times I heard, "I've got to the end of the page, what do I do?" (Teacher raises one sardonic eyebrow.) "Should I turn the page?" "Noooooh," I answer, "I would just keep writing onto the table." This with 9-10 year olds. I said this until the day when one poor child actually started to do what I had suggested. The question is, are they really as daft as they seem or are we just so scary that they're frightened to do anything at the start of the year without our say-so? Or are they so 'lifted and laid' at home that they forget how to be independent over the summer? Or are they just super-crafty and hoping we will be daft enough to find their jumper/ turn the page over for them etc.?
  18. After a busy ICT lesson last year a child asked whether he should save his work.

    I thought it would be funny to say: "no, just delete all your hard work."

    He deleted it.

    Niggly thing::

    Children asking if they should be doing (insert activity) ten seconds after telling them to do that exact activity.
    I've taken to stopping the class and getting them to tell the child in question what we should be doing.
  19. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    After getting changed for PE "Miss... I need to go back to the classroom... I haven't got my sticker!" me "You do NOT need a sticker for PE!! lol.

    "Miss, I'm going to wet myself everywhere."

    "Miss, I need a pencil." grr go and get one then! lol.

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