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Little Fingers / Fingertips Software

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by onthewayhome, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Is anyone currently using this software in school? I would really appreciate any feedback on how useful it is as it is quite expensive to purchase both the software and the hand held device.
    We are a large 4 form entry school with an 80 place nursery.
    Thanks in advance
    PS here's the link to the website if you haven't heard of the software...[​IMG]

  2. We're thinking about using it too, so would also benefit from some feedback!
  3. I have seen a demo and it does look quite good. I'm only posting to say you don't need to purchase handheld devices as the software can be loaded onto a mobile phone. You would have to enquire as to which models are suitable.
  4. I saw a demo and really liked it but after some thought I have decided not to get them for my setting. The reports that they generate can be very very long - hundreds of pages if you take as many photos and make as many observations as we do. There is only space for 2 or 3 photographs on each page and they print off very small with lots of white space. I felt that the learning journeys would be too inflexible if done like this.
  5. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    We have just bought this the Head was very impressed when he saw it, it is expensive but it is going to save us time. Yes the learning journeys aren't going to be as nice as this years but my time and my family is important to me as my 9 year old seems to spend hours sticking things in for me. The observations do really stretch the photo's so I am about to contract them about this and a couple of other issues we are struggling with at the moment.
    We bought our phones independently but they are getting really difficult to find as they have to have windows 6.1 not windows mobile 7 and they aren't made anymore. We are just messing with it at the moment and starting everyone off from September so I will know more then. We have a 2 form Reception and a 79 place nursery so we got 8 hand sets and had to have 2 little fingers licences and 3 small fingers as they will only cover 35 children each. Hope this helps Would love to hear from anyone who has been using it for a while.
  6. We use Little Fingers in the Nursery and Fingertips in Reception. Have loved it, saves so much time. We set some phase time every now and again to go through observations and make sure they are being placed in the correct areas but very good.
    We had a few problems with the handsets we brought, not uploading photos but that is all sorted now (good customer service). I would defeinately recommend it, as I'm sure the rest of my team would as well.

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