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Literature Circles

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by falkirklit, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. brawlassie

    brawlassie New commenter

    Sorry, just realised it would help enormously if I added an e-mail address . . . . . . . . . .. it's been a long day!


  2. Hi Falkirklit,

    I realise it's been 3 years since you made this post and I'm just wondering if you are still able to share any resources/materials that you have on literature circles. I have a challenging P6/7 class starting in August and I think
    literature circles introduced in short bursts may be what they need.
    So could I be awfully cheeky and ask that if you have any resources could you please send them my way - lreilly@westbarns.elcschool.org.uk

    Thanks in advance :)
  3. Garikoitz

    Garikoitz New commenter

    Hi Falkirklit, so it's 2019 and I'm wondering if you're still in the teaching profession!
    I am hoping to introduce Literacy Circles to my P3 class.
    If you had any time I'd love to have the resources you've made up. My wife has just had a second baby and time is a luxury to say the least.
    My email is gary_butter@yahoo.co.uk
    Thank you in advance

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