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Literature Circles

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by falkirklit, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. We have been using lit circles in Falkirk schools for 3 years now, both primary and secondary. The general feedback from people trying it is really positive. It does take some organisation at the start but I think most people are happy when they get their heads round how they manage it. I have some material I have developed to use it, a questionnaire on reading habits for pupils and parents that can be done at start and at end to measure impact; a parents leaflet, self evaluation sheets etc. Some people use roles to encourage discussion, others dont. Both seem to work depending on how much freedom the teacher is happy allowing.I have seen some fab results using them, from p3 upwards. Kids really engaged in reading for pleasure
  2. Thanks for replying Falkirk Lit. Would you be happy to share the materials you have? We are currently doing Literacy Circles from P5 to P7 and are thinking of taking this lower so pleased to hear that you have seen some fab results at P3.
  3. Not a problem. If you give me your email I will send you material. The P3 Lit circle was done using picture books with a little text. The teacher used our Library Support for Schools which is superb. She didn`t spend long on each book but allowed them to rotate so that children were giving positive feedback to others about which book to choose next. She was very pleased with the vocabulary retention of children by using these books. Many of the schools who are using circles have looked at their stock and identified some that will only be used for lit circles.
  4. I would be really interested in this as well if you would be willing to send it to me. My email is hmcfadyen@ntlworld.com
  5. That would be great.Thanks very much. My email is: stevenandlainy@hotmail.com
  6. I had hoped to use literature circles this year and it never happened but it is a definate for next year - great to hear about the success you have had. How much time do you set aside for children to dsicuss books?


  7. Hi,

    I am teaching P3 this year and would love to start literacy Circles with them too. I tried to use a P7 resource and adapted it to P4 last year, however the class did find it very challenging. I would really appreciate a copy of that resource too if it's not too much hassle.


    Hope you don't feel I'm being cheeky for asking?!
  8. I have just been reading your discussion about literacy circles and I was hoping to do some classroom research this year on this to see how it improved the attitude towards reading, specifically with boys. Would it be possible for you to e-mail any successful resources that you've used. I would be really grateful.


  9. If it's not too late and you don't think I am very cheeky asking then please could I have a copy of the materials too. I am a probationer, just been teaching for 8 weeks and have ben asked to develop literacy circles in the upper stages (P6 adn P7) an don't even know where to start. Any other advice would gratefully be received. Thanks :D
  10. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    Please count mein too, if I'm not being too cheeky in asking. I'd love to get this up and running in our school, which is new and still in start-up phase. Thanks.
    teach1470911 [at] t-online. [de]
  11. Literature circles have been around for quite a while in North America and there's lots of info online.
    This one is very good:
    Readwritethink, the NCTE/IRA site, has tons of detailed lesson plans using children's literature, although the children's books referred to are sometimes a bit hard to find here, so I just substitute whatever titles are roughly equivalent and adapt the plans accordingly. The NCTE is the National Council of Teachers of English and the IRA is the International Reading Association:
    For Grades 3-5 (P4-P6)
    For Grades K-2 (P1-P3)
    FYI, in North America the terminology is a little different to here. Generally, "Primary" means Grades K-3 (P1-P4) and "Elementary" means Grades 4-6 (P5-P7).
  12. Hiya am new to the upper school and not been on any literacy cources for a while. Could someone explain this in a bit more detail? Or any notes that they would be willing to shar?

  13. I have been asked to begin literacy circles this term and I have very limited knowledge in this area and how to provide the structure in the class. I have just qualified and have a P6 class. If anyone could share ideas, information or notes on literacy circles this would be greatefully appreciated. :D

  14. Hi hope you don't mind me asking for the info on literature circles if you still have it available I am hoping to start them with P4 using four of Roald Dahl novels

    email jinty.corsa@virgin.net
  15. Could you send me a copy of the materials you have? My colleagues and I want to start Literature Circles in our school. But where to start? What to tell parents and pupils? How to assess/evaluate results. Hope to here from you soon
  16. I'd be really interested to have a look at the materials too, if possible! Thank you!
  17. ekv

    ekv New commenter

    I would love to have a copy of your Lit Circle work if it is not too much trouble to e-mail again. I hace tried this with P7 but would like to develop it with rest of P4 and 5.
    Many thanks for sharing
  18. Hi I am preparing for a teacher training interview and I am not sure what a literacy circle is. Is it like an adult book club when the children sit around chatting about the book and asking questions from the text and reviewing the book???


  19. Hi, I'm a trainee teacher doing some research on Literature Circles and trying to introduce it into my school.
    If anyone has any information / resources / research I can have access to I would be so grateful.
    email address: Tracey.Nottage@BTOpenworld.com

    Thanks xx
  20. brawlassie

    brawlassie New commenter

    Hi, could I have a copy too?

    Thanks a lot.

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