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Literature A2 (CIE Syllabus)

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by pascuam49, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. pascuam49

    pascuam49 New commenter

    Any general advice on how to find the balance between topics/grammar/literature in A2 next year? We are going to deliver the CIE syllabus and we have 4 hours (6 40-min periods) a week. The subject is Spanish but the logistics should be similar for any language I guess so thanks in advice for your input, no matter which language.
  2. hola33

    hola33 New commenter

    Hi - I'm joining an international school and will be teaching CIE alevel in Spanish and potentially French. I've always taught AQA in the uk. I'm looking for approved textbooks for the course - is there anything available? What have you been using? Any advice gratefully received.
  3. pascuam49

    pascuam49 New commenter

    I chose Animo 1 for AS but it is not as good as I had hoped for as it does not cover all the topic areas the CIE AS exam covers (All of them except for literary texts!). Also, most of the texts are shorter than the ones in the CIE exams. With hindsight, I would choose a TB that covers both AS and A2 in one volume and use it over two years. At the moment I am researching into A2 and literature, hence my original post. I would also be grateful for any advice on resources for CIE just like you. I am happy to share mine, by the way!
  4. stacey_krohn

    stacey_krohn New commenter

    I'm at an International school also and we are using the CIE exam board for all of our IGCSE/AS/A2 subjects. I realize this is an older post, but I'm teaching IGCSE Spanish and AS Spanish this year and I'm curious if anyone found a TB that has worked to cover all the AS topic areas in one book? (I asked one of the curriculum developers at Cambridge why there wasn't a textbook out there to cover AS Spanish, and her reply was that they only write them according to the priority they are needed and many students in England aren't doing upper-level Spanish. It was an odd response, but it kind of makes sense). Any advice or resources you have found to work and would be willing to share would be great, thanks!
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  5. pascuam49

    pascuam49 New commenter

    One more post around Animo. We have been using the OCR version (recommended for CIE) but it has now been discontinued, with OCR stopping their MFL GCSE and AL qualifications. Does anyone know if the version for AQA is very different from the OCR version? Also, in case someone has found it, any book that contains AS and A2 topics in one volume apart from Ponte al Dia?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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