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literacy v mfl

Discussion in 'English' started by sharkinfested, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. i want your honest opinion, ive got an interview next week to teach either literacy or esol to prison inmates. im an mfl teacher so do you think its possible that i could teach literacy. To be honest, i dont know where to start and fear the questions i may be asked about it. surely if i can teach languages, teach full stop then i could teach literacy. im guessing that to start from scratch it would be the alpabet and sounds. any advice welcome.
  2. When I started teaching full-time in the 1970s in a girls grammar, I was a German specialist, but the school needed someone who could do half a timetable of English as well. I got the job and always enjoyed teaching English far more than modern languages, and my pupils always did better in their O level English than German.
    Quite a few prison educators use some of my teaching materials. So u might like to check them out at amazon. U will certainly find my free website and blogs helpful.
    Masha Bell
  3. what is your free website please? thank you so much for your replies. please keep them coming. i could do with some good buzz words to say in the interview, to make me stand out from the rest. i havent been interviewed in years and feel so green.
  4. any more advice for my interview on thursday very welcome please. i hope to say the right thing but dont feel very confident atm.

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