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Literacy texts and ideas for students with SEN

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by rickyp1986, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I teach Literacy to post 16 students who have SEN. I want to work on a suitable text(s) with them, but I want to make sure it's something they can relate to - perhaps Harry Potter? If anyone has any resources or ideas that they have tried, please let me know.
    Also, if anyone needs resources for Functional Skills English or pre-entry Literacy, let me know - I've been building up a few resources.
  2. What ability range are your students?
    I teach 14-19 students with SLD/ PMLD, and alongside curriculum development work I am adapting a range of texts to use with our 14-16 and 16-19 groups. These are simple texts adapted from well known books (our most able students are level 1b), which I also often use with symbols (e.g. Widgit). I have also adapted these texts as sensory stories with texts, prop lists & some visual & auditory resources (for our students working from P2 upwards).
    If any of this sounds like it would be helpful I'm happy to share, or if your students are working at a different level to mine I can list the texts we've adapted if it would be useful? I'd also be interested in sharing your resources, particularly pre-entry Literacy.

  3. Hi, thanks for responding to the post. My students are probably mainlyat the same level as yours. I often use Widgit and Clicker with them. They definitely respond better to multi-sensory approaches. I also have a group of more able students working on Level 1 Functional English...but my main priority is getting some good texts to get the students actively involved in literacy.
    I have just developed a Scheme of Work for a Personal Progress that I'm about to teach after half-term, based around planning an event. I'm working on the resources over the coming week. I have also created a Scheme of Work (and working on resources this weekend) to teach Entry 1 Functional Skills English.
    I'm more than willing to send them to you as soon as I've created them. I also have a load of resources that I have saved, but not yet used them for anything yet - again, I can send them to you.
    Your resources would be a great help!
    Speak soon
  4. Your resources sound great. My email is rky_ricky@hotmail.com - thanks, i appreciate it. I will reply with the resources i have in place and get others to you as I complete them.
  5. acthell

    acthell New commenter

    Would love to share some resources for literacy - my email is acthell@sky.com.

    As to texts, it really depends on the reading ability that they have, I have several students that are still struggling to retain initial sounds - they love www.phonicbooks.co.uk resources - particularly the Totem and Talisman series. The lady that writes them is lovely and they focus on CVC level upwards. If you are looking for high interest level but low reading age say that of an 8 year old try Barrington Stoke books - they are designed for Dyslexics and again some fabulous stories - kids favourites are Twocking, The Blessed and the Damned, Forever Friday and Devil For Sale. Some fo them come with resource packs.
    It depends very much on budget and quantity of books.

  6. Hi
    I have found Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz holds interest with lads of 14/15/16 who are struggling to read. The chapters are short and there's lots of action so they are motivated to read on - even by themselves!
    I am also interested in building resources and would welcome ideas please. I guess we are all frantically engaged in this at present! Still it's kind of refreshing for us too!

  7. Hi
    We currently use a set of 'Rapid' books, which are short stories with suggested questions you can ask the students. They are good stories and are always good to start discussion. They literally only give you a lesson's worth on content.
    I'm trying to get a good set of texts that can form of a larger project - such as a book review to prove the students' reading abilities in various qualifications.
    As for resources...I'm working on pre-entry work this week, and have a few set up for Entry Level Functional Skills - it's just a matter of getting them put into some sort of order (to save time for next year's groups)

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