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LITERACY SKILLS TEST- Any1 have a spelling or vocab list?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by pottyparrot, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I start my pgce in sept and i am preparing early for the skills tests so i can get them out the way sooner rather than later. My weak point is spelling so I was wondering if anybody had a list of words that would be useful to practise for the QTS skills test.
  2. I can't honestly believe you are asking this question!!!
  3. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    just buy the QTS skills test book, there's loads in there.....
  4. Good idea gettin ahead of the game! I procastinated but passed all mine today, first time (woop!) The best you can do is just practice the tests online or as many have stated buy the book! You can even loan them from your uni library.
    Don't fret over them tooo much though, I practised the Numeracy test at home this morning and failed, however passed once in there!! It's not so much the skills, its how you work under pressure within the allocated time. Mentalarithmatic is what most people seem to be struggling with! 18seconds and the woman repeats the question when trying to work it out... very annoying!!

    Good Luck
  5. Just to add another perspective, this is longer than year 6s get for their SATs mental maths tests... 5 secs, 10 secs then 15 secs - also with their annoying teacher repeating the question ;-) Perhaps it also helps to give us an approcaition of the testing we put the children we are training to teach through too.
  6. Honestly, you're worrying far too much. I sat my Literacy and Maths in October and then the ICT in November and they're all really easy and most people pass first time. Like others have said, most people find the maths the hardest. You'd be wasting your time completely if you try to learn a list of words. The chance of them coming up in the actual test is obviously incredibly unlikely and you only have to write a few words in the literacy skills test anyway. My advice is do the practice tests on the TDA website and if you don't pass the literacy tests then you'll know that you have a serious problem and an awful lot of work to do if you're going to be a good teacher, because it really is basic basic stuff. I'm not putting you down. I'm just saying that doing the practice tests is enough revision for most people so just work your way through them.
  7. I agree! I too was shocked. The spelling part on the skills test is easy.
  8. for anyone else that finds this post from google and wants to put some extra effort in;
    I cant say this is an ideal first post to read on the TES forums. I can't believe how supercilious some of these replies have been. *I* cant believe how some you *you* think the ICT test is hard - but then I program computers in my spare time.
    Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb at.


  9. Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb at.
    Couldn't agree more. Some people need to brush up on certain things, especially if school was some years ago! Personally, the maths will be my trickiest and I think it is dangerous to assume the tests will be "easy".
    I have found the maths book helpful, but personally wouldn't bother with the english or ICT skills books, as the online tests are pretty self-explainatory.
  10. Just go through the practice tests online and use all the practice resources there.It'll give you some idea of what you're up against.
  11. toffee20

    toffee20 New commenter


    I'm in exactly the same position as pottyparrot, with spelling issues / worries! I know I'm a few months late, but if you haven't done your literacy skills test, can I reassure you that if you can do fairly well on the other sections in the literacy test, then a dreadful spelling mark won't be too much of an issue! :) (I *think* if you get an average of 77% on the other 3 sections you can get 0 in the spelling test & still pass overall!)

    Can I also add my shock at the belittling replies to this thread, from people who I assume are trainee teachers or teachers!

    Good luck to all with the QTS tests! Remember to take your watch off! :) (If anyone knows how you could use a watch to cheat I'd *love* to know!)

  12. barneystinson

    barneystinson New commenter

    The TDA website has a lot of free example tests you can take...
  13. What does bigot mean?
  14. I can't believe how condescending some people are in this thread. I know plenty of fantastic teachers who struggle with spelling. Get the official practice book from a library or Amazon and then have a go on the online tests. I passed my numeracy and Literacy first time and I consider my Maths and spelling to be average. Good luck to all taking the QTS tests!
  15. hi, I am just at the point where i need to take the literacy & numeracy tests and can not believe some of the stupid and unnecessary comments that some people have put. I am one of those people that have struggled with spellings throughout my life. Manly because of inconsiderate teachers who told me I was thick, destroying my confidence.
    I have plodded through the online tests and found as long as I take my time I pass them no problem with time to spare.
    Also I have no problem checking with staff or even the kids if I think I have mis-spelt a word! This does not make me a bad teacher, its improves my teaching because the pupils' see me as human and so make mistakes.
    It is the teachers, like the ones I had, that destroys pupils' self-esteem.
    Ignore all the self righteous people on here they are the ones who prance around school thinking their better than everyone else.
    Good Luck!!!
  16. I know this is a late comment but I find that these comments are not very helpful what so ever. I am like pottyparrot as i struggle with my spelling. This doesn't mean that I am not going to be a good teacher as someone has stated because I am not a confident speller.
    I find these messages harsh. Some people find spelling easier than others so for all it isn't easy to spell, especially if you know that you need to pass these skills tests to be able to teach. this puts more pressure onto yourself ad these type of comments do not help with others confidence .
    Good luck to those taking skills tests and do the best you can. Use the online skills test to practice and revise as this is the best way.
  17. Some people really struggle with spellings, myself being one of them. I am 3 years through a 4 year PT degree and I am taking my Literacy skills test tomorrow. Just because you found it easy does not mean that everybody else does.
    This was a legitimate question which I was going to ask myself!
  18. The ICT test got scrapped so it's only Maths and Literacy now. I recently did mine and passed. For both tests there are lots of practise papers available online with answers to see where you've gone wrong.
    These should prepare you for the style of questions to expect and help you to identify your weaknesses so that you can put in extra work if needed. I found these sufficient in preparing for the Literacy but for the Numeracy, I borrowed a book from my Uni library, I think it was called 'Success with the Literacy Skills Test' or something similar. It came with a DVD full of oral questions to help practise the mental arithmatic section.
    At the test centre I attended, we had headphones with a volume dial on the wire, this made it easy to turn the volume down while the question was read the second time in the mental arithmetic section, so avoiding distraction. Just make sure you remember to turn the volume back up for the next question.
    It is daunting at first and I worried that I'd fail initially, but, after a couple of days practise the papers do seem fairly easy. Very few people fail and the few I know who have only missed it my 2 or 3 marks, so they usually ace it second time.
    Have faith and good luck.
  19. Hi, i have a spelling vocab list for the QTS literacy exam.

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